Introduces Data Pilot and India Data Center

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Mumbai, June 25, 2024 –, a premier online form builder, proudly announces the launch of its innovative feature, Data Pilot, along with the inauguration of its India Data Center. These developments underscore MakeForms’ commitment to ensuring data sovereignty and enhancing data analysis capabilities for Indian businesses.

Data Pilot: Transforming Data into Insights

Data Pilot enables users to interact with their collected data in a ChatGPT style, making data analysis intuitive and efficient. Users can ask questions and receive accurate answers based on their data, generate visual representations like graphs and charts, and derive actionable insights in minutes. This feature is a significant advancement in data analysis technology.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Data Pilot, a feature that epitomizes our commitment to improving user experience and providing cutting-edge solutions,” said Pratik Ghela, Co-Founder of “Data Pilot simplifies the process of data analysis, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions swiftly and efficiently.”

India Data Center: Built for Bharat

The launch of the India Data Center highlights MakeForms’ dedication to data sovereignty. This Mumbai-based data collection tool ensures that Indian companies’ data remains within national boundaries, addressing data privacy concerns and aligning with local regulations. This strategic move supports MakeForms’ vision of “Built for Bharat,” emphasizing the importance of data security and sovereignty for Indian businesses.

Robust Security and Compliance is renowned for its robust security measures and adherence to industry standards, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, and Australia DPA. The addition of Data Pilot and the India Data Center further solidifies MakeForms’ position as a leader in secure, customizable form-building and data management.

Businesses of all sizes can now leverage Data Pilot and the India Data Center to enhance their data collection processes, gain valuable insights effortlessly, and ensure data sovereignty. This launch underscores’s dedication to innovation and its mission to facilitate efficient data collection and management for users worldwide.