Mankind Pharma Sets New Industry Standard with Unprecedented Display on Burj Khalifa, Reinforcing Commitment to Excellence

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Mankind PharmaNew Delhi, 24th July 2023: Mankind Pharma, a renowned global pharmaceutical company, is set to captivate audiences on July 20th with a mesmerizing video projection of the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The iconic skyscraper was transformed into a stunning canvas, showcasing Mankind’s commitment to excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

The live event can be viewed on Mankind Pharma’s YouTube channel on the 20th of July from 9:45 pm IST onwards

The awe-inspiring display on the Burj Khalifa not only captured the brand’s journey & vision but also served as a testament to Mankind Pharma’s dedication to innovation and raising the bar in the healthcare sector. Driven by a vision to make affordable and quality medicines accessible to all, Mankind Pharma has introduced a range of medications aimed at delivering drugs of the highest purity. According to the company, these medicines maintain the same level of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) quality as stated in the Drug Master File (DMF) of the APIs submitted to the FDA. This remarkable accomplishment has established Mankind Pharma as the first pharmaceutical company to captivate millions of onlookers and showcase its presence in such a grand manner.

Mr. Rajeev Juneja, CEO of Mankind Pharma, expressed his excitement & shared, “We are immensely proud to have unveiled this mesmerizing video projection on Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa, symbolizing Mankind Pharma’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. This monumental achievement showcases our dedication to providing access to affordable and high-quality medicines. We believe that this grand showcase represents not only our brand’s remarkable journey but also our mission to positively impact global healthcare. Mankind Pharma will continue to push boundaries, redefine industry standards, and inspire others to join us in transforming lives through our pharmaceutical products.”

The visual campaign on Burj Khalifa serves as a reflection of Mankind Pharma’s ongoing efforts to enhance global healthcare infrastructure and improve access to affordable treatments. Through strategic partnerships, innovative research, and a strong distribution network, the company continues to make significant contributions to the well-being of individuals across the globe. Mankind Pharma aims to showcase its commitment to being transparent and hopes to foster a healthier world.