Maximal Finance commits INR 55 crore in loans to empower Andhra Pradesh’s Economy

Visakhapatnam, June 27th, 2023: Maximal Finance, a pioneering player working toward financial inclusion, has achieved unparalleled success by disbursing loans totaling more than INR 107 crore, out of which INR 55 crore has been disbursed in Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. R. Vignesh, CEO of Maximal Finance, expressed his immense satisfaction with the company’s stellar performance, especially in Andhra Pradesh, stating, “Our ability to achieve such remarkable results within a short time frame is a testament to our unwavering commitment to financial inclusion and an Atmanirbhar India. We are dedicated to serving Andhra Pradesh’s unbanked and underserved entrepreneurs through inclusive and organized financing. We firmly believe specialized finance institutions can unlock immense opportunities for empowering micro-businesses.”

Maximal Finance’s vision aligns seamlessly with the Government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, which aims to foster self-reliance and financial empowerment for entrepreneurs.

The company prides itself on being a trailblazer in implementing a fully digitized loan disbursement and collection process, setting industry benchmarks. This comprehensive system encompasses client prospecting, credit checks, loan approval, and repayment collection. By integrating advanced technologies, Maximal Finance ensures its customers a seamless and efficient experience, prioritizing the highest level of security.

Mr. R. Vignesh further emphasized, “In this digital transformation era, easy and swift access is crucial for the success of any financial inclusion initiative. Leveraging the power of technology, we aim to reach our customers effectively and cater to their financial needs most conveniently.”

MSMEs in Andhra Pradesh employ 5.61 lakh individuals today. Andhra Pradesh’s MSME units have increased by 60 percent in four years to 60,00 units. The potential and opportunity are tremendous.

Maximal Finance aims to reshape the existing model of financial partnerships within the MSME segment, propelling the country towards achieving its $5 trillion economy target by 2024.