Millet Marvels launches an exclusive millet Restaurant at RGI Airport

Millet Marvels

Hyderabad, July  2023: Millet Marvels – a start-up incubated at Nutrihub, ICAR-IIMR; and GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd., in association with the Indian Institute of Millets Research (ICAR-IIMR) & Nutrihub; announced the launch of the first of its kind millet exclusive Millet Marvels Restaurant in an airport, at the RGI Airport, today. The Restaurant was formally inaugurated by Dr (Mrs) C Tara Satyavathi, Director, ICAR-IIMR and Dr. B Dayakar Rao, CEO, Nutrihub; Mr. Pradeep Panicker, President & CEO, GMR Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL); Ms. Rishika Reddy, Executive Director, Millet Marvels and Dr. Bharat Reddy, Founder & CEO, Millet Marvels, graced the occasion.

Dr (Mrs) C Tara Satyavathi, speaking on the occasion said, this being the International Year of Millets, the Government of India is taking all steps to push millets not just in India but across the globe. Recently we had the visit of Agriculture ministers of G20 to IIMR, they learned and understood the importance and benefits of millet. In a discussion with Soumya Swaminathan the former director of the Indian Council of Medical Research; it came out very strongly that the acceptance of millet will be very easy if doctors prescribe it. After the prime minister of India stated millet as a superfood, several countries are approaching us to understand the know-how and production processes. There is tremendous export potential for millets of approximately 200 to 300 tonnes in a couple of decades as people are going for gluten-free foods, millets don’t have gluten. Millets are organic foods and have the potential to withstand high temperatures as the temperatures rise, they need very less water, carbon footprints of millets is low.

Dr. B Dayakar Rao, CEO, of Nutrihub said, at the Indian Institute of Millet Research, we built the value chain and established Nutrihub which is housing about 400 start-ups and nurturing them for the past five years, it has been a great success. When Government is promoting millet, we are technology ready and that is very important. The brand Millet Marvels is doing great and can go well beyond India to Africa, America, etc. If the elite who travel by Air patronise millet and the associated glamour that comes with it can popularise millet and consumption will rise. Millets are climate resilient and are strong in terms of nutrition.

Millet Marvels with its foray into RGI Airport, will be replicating the success across airports in India. We are setting up a USDA and BRC-certified millet processing unit in Sultanpur, which will start production in December and help us spread our wings across the country, We have made a private investment of Rs 15 crs in the unit, will employ hundred people, 50% of which will be women, says Ms Rishika Reddy. People are now aware of the evils of refined foods, of sugars and whites and many are trying to make a shift in their lives, especially the processed food we will be making at the new factory at Sultanpur, the instant foods made from millet will be a quick meal but rooted in health benefits.

Mr. Pradeep Panicker said the Indian population is looking to bring into the kitchen, this year is the year of millet, so it is a very important and opportune time for Hyderabad airport to be associated with a brand that is looking to change the way we eat and become more healthier. It’s a good initiative, we opened the first outlet today. I tasted the food, very tasty and reasonably priced. This is a good begging, we are opening another store inside the security old area at the departure level. We are happy to be the first airport where Millet Marvel is opening its shop. They have a plan to take it all over India, so happy about it and we will be supporting it at our airports.

The 600 ft. outlet in the Airport premises at the arrival lounge, serves live freshly prepared delicious millet food and hot and cold beverages. It has facility for passengers to sit and dine and serves no white and superfood through a cloud kitchen. It has a 150 sqft, capacity service area to accommodate 30 pax at a time and is manned by 45 hospitality professionals across shifts. In a month’s time, another outlet of a bigger size will be opened at the Domestic departures lounge of RGI Airport. Millet Marvels started in the year 2020 and has five outlets currently in the city, three of which are own outlets including the one launched at RGI airport today and two franchisee outlets. It serves its loyal customers through E-commerce, supermarkets, and live food on SWIGGY and ZOMATO. Millet Marvels has won several awards and felicitations including the coveted “Best Startup” award from Nutrihub, ICAR-IIMR.

Millet Marvels is immensely pleased to launch the outlet of millets at the GMR Hyderabad International Airport. It is a maiden initiative made by any airport in the country. This gesture comes at the time when the world is celebrating the International Year of Millets, and this airport has taken a step towards promoting millets and making its patrons conscious of the benefits of millets, says Dr. Bharath Reddy. Opening a millet outlet in Airport is a big milestone and a game changer for millets itself. We will be placing instant millet foods at supermarkets shortly, he added.

The extensive millet platter offered at the Millet Marvels includes Millet Idly, Millet Vada, Millet Dosa, Millet Schezwan Pizza Dosa, Millet Uthappam, Pongal, Upma, Millet Poori, Millet Aloo Paratha, Millet Aloo Samosa; Millet Mirchi Bajji; Millet Punugulu; Millet Egg Bonda; Millet Chicken Pakoda; Millet Veg or nonveg puff; Millet Veg or nonveg hotdog; Millet veg or nonveg grill sandwich; Millet Veg or nonveg club sandwich; Millet muffin; Millet Brownies; Millet Cookies; Ragi Cookies; Millet Veg or nonveg burger; Millet different flavors pastry; Millet different flavors croissants; Millet Full Meal Veg Combo; Millet Full Meal Non-Veg Combo; Millet Mini Meal Combo; Millet Sambar Meal; Millet Curd Meal; Millet Chapatis with veg or non-veg; Millet Phulkas with veg or non-veg; Millet Chicken Dum Biryani; Millet Veg Soft/ Schezwan Noodles; Millet Egg/ Schezwan Soft Noodles; Millet Chicken soft/ Schezwan Noodles; Millet Mooringa soft noodles, etc.