Mochi Shoes redefines its shop shutters

Mochi Shoes Chennai

As part of the brand’s latest campaign #MakersOfAwesome that celebrates today’s creators, Mochi shop shutters will get a new leash of life with brushwork from street artists Wicked Broz, Mooz and NME

Bengaluru: November 15, 2021 – Mochi Shoes & Accessories, the sub-brand of Indian footwear retailer Metro Brands LTD, has roped in top graffiti artists of India to splash its shop shutters across several cities with a dash of awesomeness. As part of its latest Autumn-Winter 2021 campaign #MakersOfAwesome that celebrates contemporary creators, the brand will highlight the unique culture of each city through graffiti art on its store shutters exclusively painted by artists — Wicked Broz, Mooz and NME.

The work of artist Wicked Broz will adorn the Mochi store shutters in Bengaluru, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, and Chennai. Mooz & NME will paint the shutters of Mochi stores in Guwahati and New Delhi.

“The thought behind our #MakersOfAwesome campaign is to celebrate present-day creators that beautify the world with their talent and vision. Painting our shop shutters is the first initiative and is an extension of our AW 2021 #MakersOfAwesome campaign which will be followed by others. The message we want to give out is that even when our shutters are down at night, we are never shut and are constantly at work looking at new and innovative ways to reach out to all our consumers, move with the times and stay relevant through our footwear. This art will redefine shutter graffiti in India, while at the same time draw attention to the contemporary cultural aspect of each of these cities,” said Alisha Malik, VP Marketing and e-commerce, Metro Brands LTD.

The ace graffiti team will add a dash of awesomeness to each of its store shutters choosing unique cultural elements of each city as the inspiration for their work. For example, the store shutter in Chennai showcases a couple adorning the traditional garb of a veshti and angvastra and Chettinad sarees while the shutter in Hyderabad replicates the Charminar.

“Truly great experience doing a south India graffiti tour for Mochi shoes. It’s not often that you get to work with a brand that has such a strong ethos, which can be seen across all the employees in each of the stores we visited. Their commitment to providing quality footwear, and their dedication towards their employees is inspiring. We’re glad we could be a part of this project!” said Wicked Broz, graffiti artist.