Mr. Anil KapoorMumbai, September 30, 2023: In a strategic brand announcement, Dosti Realty has unveiled popular Bollywood actor Mr. Anil Kapoor as the official Brand Ambassador for their project Dosti Greater Thane. Nestled in the strategic locale just 7 km from Vivianna Mall in Thane, this upcoming grand community aims to redefine the residential paradigms of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Boasting an impeccable fusion of thoughtful design and affordability, Dosti Greater Thane is poised to emerge as a testament to Dosti Realty’s commitment to addressing the discerning demands and aspirations of prospective homebuyers.

Coming hot on the heels of Dosti Realty’s impressive showcase of projects spanning MMR and Pune, Dosti Greater Thane emerges as a significant announcement. This meticulously planned approx. A 125-acre grand community set to unfold in strategic phases is designed by world-renowned Architect Hafeez Contractor who has designed some of the finest luxury homes across India.

Much like Mr. Kapoor’s unassailable stature that can connect across audience age groups in the entertainment realm, Dosti Realty caters to various segments in the world of real estate. This collaboration forms a harmonious convergence, where Mr. Kapoor’s distinction combines perfectly with Dosti Realty’s unparalleled standing, creating an immaculate year-long partnership.

Commenting on Dosti Greater Thane and Mr. Anil Kapoor’s association, Mr. Deepak Goradia, Chairman and Managing Director, of Dosti Realty, says, “In Dosti’s remarkable journey, our legacy stands tall as a testament to creating projects through unwavering commitment and innovation. From the iconic Dosti Acres in Wadala to the upcoming grandeur of Dosti Greater Thane, our focus is to create large townships that redefine urban living. Dosti’s legacy is not just about building structures, but about the communities and dreams we build within them. The partnership with Mr. Anil Kapoor, one of the finest in the business, reflects the excellence and reputation that Dosti Realty has developed over the years.”

Reflecting on this association, Bollywood luminary Mr. Anil Kapoor shares, “As an artist, I’ve always believed in embracing roles that connect with people on a profound level. Becoming the Brand Ambassador for Dosti Greater Thane is a natural extension of this ethos. Dosti Realty’s commitment to crafting homes that elevate lifestyles resonates deeply with me. Just as I strive to deliver memorable performances, Dosti Realty strives to create living spaces that leave an indelible mark on residents’ lives. This partnership is more than a collaboration; it’s a shared emotion to see urban living being redefined to inspire a new standard of excellence creating a 1 Mumbai feel”

Sharing his views, Mr. AnujGoradia – Director, of Dosti Realty, says adds, “The project location offers unbeatable connectivity as it is less than 10 mins from Thane. Our partnership with Mr. Anil Kapoor is driven by a mutual commitment to deliver unparalleled value to our patrons and enrich their experiences. We deeply admire Mr. Kapoor’s remarkable talents and significant contributions. His esteemed reputation aligns seamlessly with the long illustrious history of Dosti Realty. As a company, we continuously seek opportunities to collaborate with people who share our brand’s values and exemplify our vision for excellence. Mr. Anil Kapoor’s beloved appeal transcends generational boundaries across all age groups. His dedication to fitness has particularly resonated with millennials and a diverse audience, aligning perfectly with the state-of-the-art amenities that Dosti Greater Thane offers. This resonance between his persona and our offerings serves as a central pillar of our new campaign – Dosti 1 Mumbai”

Ms. Shraddha Goradia, Director – Dosti Realty says, “Our campaign featuring Mr Anil Kapoor is a harmonious blend of shared values, legacies, and aspirations. It symbolises our commitment to offering not just homes, but a lifestyle that fulfils the desires and aspirations of our esteemed customers. Dosti Greater Thane takes centre stage with attractive 1 BHK and 2 BHK homes at an unbelievable price. There is an approx. 1 Lakh sq. ft clubhouse where we have done tie-ups with renowned brands to give residents that superlative living experience of a premium offering. In selecting Mr. Kapoor as the face of Dosti Greater Thane, we’ve embarked on a journey that transcends mere endorsements. Together, we’re not just building properties; we’re building dreams, aspirations, and a shared future where every Mumbaikar and Thanekar can proudly say, “My home, my style, my Dosti.”

Mr. Nitin Nagpal, Director – Sales and Marketing, Dosti Realty shared his insights on the choice of Mr. Anil Kapoor and his resonance saying, “Through this collaboration, we aim to elevate our brand’s visibility and impact, bringing greater innovation, creativity, and customer-centricity to the forefront of our endeavors. Mr. Anil Kapoor’s recent success in connecting with millennials and the working demographic through OTT platforms further solidifies his relevance and influence. This aligns seamlessly with Dosti Realty’s aspiration to connect deeply with these segments and enhance their lifestyles through our premium residential offerings. Phase 1 of the project was launched in 2020 where we sold over 1700 homes in just 11 days. As we launch this new Phase, we hope to beat that benchmark”

By Sujata