Natural Hair Extension Platform Hairoriginals Launches AI-enabled Application for Its End Users (Hair App)


HairOriginals, one of India’s leading brands for natural hair extensions, has announced the launch of its new hair app focused on end-users, salons, and stylists. The app will be available to both iOS and Android users and is designed to build a community around hair extension products and services.

Customers of the HairOrginals will be rewarded with various discounts and free online consultations, including promotional offers for new users. The app aims to build value for its users by providing content on using hair extension products, raising awareness of the process, and helping potential customers with tips and tools to find qualified stylists. In turn, on-boarded professionals will get a platform to showcase their creatives and build relationships with salons, potential clients, and other hair stylists.

HairOriginals, to address the skill gap in the market due to expensive training on hair extension services, will also provide free digital training modules for hair extension services and get a certification. They will also have the opportunity to generate new revenue streams in collaboration with HairOrginals and their partner salons.

Announcing the app launch, Jitendra Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of HairOrignals, said, “Natural hair extensions are more popular than ever and it is largely due to the advancements and refinements in their procurement and installation processes. This app launch is another way for HairOriginals to be at the forefront of our industry by educating our customers and shining a spotlight on the creative works of hair stylists.”

The Gurgaon-based company recently announced an exclusive partnership with Geetanjali salons and also launched offline experience centers across Gurgaon and Bangalore. Going forward, the company is planning on launching an immersive try-on experience for different hairstyles and looks for its customers within the app. The HairOriginals team is excited to launch new features and partnerships while continuing to create value for its customers and professionals with added value and rewards, further promoting the use of natural hair extensions.