Nova Love Knots: Celebrating RakshaBandhan with Dairy Delights

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Nova logoNew Delhi, 26 August 2023: Nova Dairy, the top dairy manufacturer in India, is all geared up to share its delightful and delectable delights, aiming to memorialise the most celebrated bond that exists between siblings. Nova Dairy is graciously pleased to introduce its distinctive campaign, an effort that combines the festive mood with the nutritious attributes of dairy products to symbolise the cherished and unwavering relationship between siblings.

With a Raksha Bandhan theme, the dairy company will be presenting their carefully curated dairy gift sets. These packages will provide an amazing gifting option that exquisitely captures the essence of this momentous celebration by showcasing a great assortment of premium Nova Dairy products.

Their diverse variety, which ranges from classic treats to vital dairy products, reflects the variety of flavors that siblings bring into each other’s lives. By offering a range of dairy delights, they hope to provide a source of nutritional pleasure in addition to reflecting the intense love siblings share. Nova Dairy products capture the sustenance and love that siblings provide for one another, similar to how the meaning of the Rakhi symbolises protection.

With this much-anticipated campaign: ‘Nova Love Knots’, participate in the Raksha Bandhan festivities from a new and enjoyable angle. A memorable voyage that combines the luxury of dairy treats with the heartfelt emotions of sibling love.

Expressing his elation, Kuldeep Saluja, managing director of Sterling Agro, said, “Instilling RakshaBandhan with enduring memories in the hearts of siblings is the main goal of the “Nova Love Knots” initiative”. Our aim is to forge a deep connection between Nova Dairy products and the profound emotions that characterize Raksha Bandhan.

One of the leading manufacturers of dairy products in India is Sterling Agro Industries Ltd. Sterling Agro has a well-established marketing, sales, and distribution network across all of India, and it provides a large selection of dairy products in its retail presence. The company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is proof of its goal to create a brighter future for everyone.