Nutrition Brand Supply6 Welcomes AB De Villiers as Brand Ambassador and Investor

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2nd July 2024:  Supply6,  Bangalore-based daily nutrition brand founded by Vaibhav Bhandari and Rahul Jacob, has welcomed former South African international cricketer AB De Villiers as brand ambassador and investor. Known for its commitment to balanced nutrition, Supply6 offers comprehensive health foods designed to promote healthier lifestyles. Their flagship product, Supply6 360, embodies a holistic approach to nutrition, aligning perfectly with AB De Villiers’ 360-degree cricketing prowess.

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This strategic partnership merges his athletic excellence with Supply6’s dedication to essential nutrients, aiming to inspire healthier living. Supply6’s foundation is deeply rooted in scientific research and nutritional principles. Each product provides varying levels of the six essential pillars of nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fibre, tailored to meet specific health needs.

Commenting on the partnership, AB De Villiers said: “I am excited to join forces with Supply6. As an athlete, I recognize the critical role nutrition plays in my health and performance. Their commitment to comprehensive and convenient nutrition solutions aligns with my dedication to peak performance and well-being. The brand’s rapid expansion is impressive, and I am eager to support its mission of promoting healthier lifestyles.”

Vaibhav Bhandari, Co-Founder and CEO of Supply6, stated: “The market is saturated with various supplements and health products, while consumers seek easy-to-use options that effectively bridge their nutritional gaps. Driven by the core insight that 8 out of 10 Indians suffer from gut health issues and deficiencies in essential vitamins like D and B12, Supply6 360 addresses these concerns by combining these vitamins with other vital nutrients, probiotics, and prebiotics in a single sachet. Partnering with AB De Villiers, whose dedication to health and fitness mirrors our ethos, is thrilling. His nickname, Mr. 360, complements our flagship product perfectly. Together, we aim to revolutionise the market and inspire healthier eating habits.”

Rahul Jacob, Co-Founder of Supply6, emphasised: “Understanding that everyone’s nutritional needs are unique, Supply6 provides a thoughtfully curated range of products, balancing variety and specificity. Our products are designed to cater to various needs, from comprehensive formulas that address nutrient gaps to targeted solutions for specific goals such as healthy food, energy boosters, and specific deficiencies. AB De Villiers is an excellent fit for our brand due to his dynamic approach to both his career and health, which perfectly aligns with our vision. We are confident that this collaboration will enhance our connection with our audience.”