On This Independence Day Tata Tea Premium Pays Homage To India’s Rich & Vibrant Handloom Legacy With Its Desh Ke Dhaage Campaign

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New Delhi, 14 August 2023: Tata Tea Premium, the flagship brand from Tata Tea’s diverse portfolio, has been celebrating India and its elements of pride reflective in its art, culture, and heritage for Independence Day through its #DeshKaGarv initiative. While last year it celebrated key moments of pride from India’s 75 years of post-Independence journey, this Independence Day Tata Tea Premium plans to take the nation on a colorful joy-ride of pride and glory with its Desh Ke Dhaage campaign, celebrating India’s rich legacy of Handlooms.

Tata Tea Premium Pack inspired by Resham embroidery – Delhi Maharashtra


Embodying the essence of regional pride,
Tata Tea Premium packs crafted for the Delhi region showcase the intricate Resham embroidery, which is popular for its vibrant silk threadwork and elaborate patterns.

The rich and cultural artistic heritage of India reflects many diverse arts, crafts, and music traditions. This diverse heritage is perhaps most vividly and visibly captured in the handlooms of India. And over time, it has woven itself intricately into the cultural fabric of India, becoming an integral part of India’s heritage. Therefore, on the eve of Independence Day, Tata Tea Premium – Desh Ki Chai pays homage to this diverse & unique art form through a limited-edition pack collection inspired by the handlooms of India.

Each pack serves as a resplendent canvas, bringing alive the incredible artistry of Indian craftsmen and their timeless creations. From the grandeur of Banarasi Silk in Uttar Pradesh to the intricate Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu, from the illustrious Muga Silk of Assam to the exquisite Paithani of Maharashtra, each handloom spins a yarn of immense cultural pride.

The story of these packs has been knitted together in a heartwarming TVC conceptualized by Mullen Lintas that celebrates India’s vibrant handloom legacy. Sung by celebrated singer Usha Uthup, who is a connoisseur of Indian handlooms, the film spreads smiles and warmth as it traverses the country, showcasing the diversity of India’s handlooms and thus tying India together into a beautiful sentiment of national pride. Each frame brims with love and respect, paying homage to the craftsmanship of skilled weavers who have intricately crafted our cultural identity. From the opulent Banarasi Silk of Uttar Pradesh to the soulful Phulkari of Punjab, the film weaves a story that not only communicates but also commemorates each of these handlooms from across India. The heartfelt message at the film’s conclusion calls on every heart to honor the threads that weave our nation’s glory.

As a part of the same campaign, a specially curated collection made by weavers from across the country is available on OKHAI for purchase. Consumers can purchase these weaves at www.OKHAI.org. Further, Tata Tea Premium will contribute a percentage of what consumers spend on this collection for the welfare of the artisan community.

Commenting on the initiative, Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, said, “As we embark on this remarkable journey on the eve of Independence Day with the ‘Desh Ka Garv’ initiative, Tata Tea Premium celebrates the collective pride of our nation’s talented craftsmen, paying homage to their dedication, craftsmanship and their irreplaceable contribution to our cultural heritage. Through our heartwarming campaign, we hope to inspire every Indian to embrace and celebrate the legacy of our diverse regional handlooms, cherishing the threads that weave our nation’s pride. Each sip of Tata Tea Premium brings not just the taste of excellence but also the essence of ‘Desh ki Chai’, a cup that knits all of us together in a tapestry of love, unity, and pride.”

Arnab Chatterjee, co-founder of Tree Design said, “While Tata Tea Premium celebrates the spirit of India every year with its Desh Ka Garv initiative, the brief this year was to make the thought even grander by tying it with an element that is unique to India’s heritage. Thus, this year, we decided to dive into India’s rich and vibrant handloom weaving culture. Dating back hundreds of years, the amazing thing is the variety available across the country and the talent which continues to practice handloom weaving and keep the art form alive and thriving. In collaboration with the Tata Tea Premium team, we carefully selected and partnered with eleven weavers across the country, resulting in a stunning limited edition pack collection, representative of the handloom culture of India across the North, East, West, and Southern states of India.”

Commenting on the campaign, Hari Krishnan, CEO of Mullen Lintas says, “It was exciting to work on something so unique. You rarely see a brand redoing its packaging as a tribute to an art form. The brief was simple, to celebrate India’s one of the most unique art forms of handlooms, through handloom-inspired limited-edition packs on Independence Day. The idea was right there, if you look at it, these threads are what form the fabric of the nation, they portray unique stories from across India through motifs embroidered onto their weaves. The way the film portrays these unique stories and inspiration behind each of these fabrics, through a mix of eye-catching animation and playful sing-song narration, makes for a delightful watch while landing the communication in an effective manner.”