ool Kanya curates online learning workshops on the workings of social media for its June Program

ool Kanya curates online learning workshops on the workings of social media for its June Program

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With digital content creation and the creator economy on the rise, becoming a vital aspect of online campaign efforts by brands, Kool Kanya has introduced a comprehensive ‘Social Media for Beginners’ to familiarise women with the fundamentals of social media. The program includes the following courses –
1) ‘Learn to develop your social media content strategy’ by Sharin Bhatti
This workshop covers wide-ranging subjects, from weaving a brand story and crafting copy that slays to setting campaign objectives and measurement metrics and more. It is mainly for aspiring copywriters, media professionals, marketers or even entrepreneurs looking to promote their brands and will help you create a profile that stands out and has a strong clutter-breaking social media presence!

2) ‘Master smartphone photography for Instagram’ by Dhruv Prakash
If you are an aspiring photographer, a media student or anyone who wants to start a side-hustle and boost your earnings, this course is for you. The workshop covers the basics of photography and editing, including a guide to frames and angles, using the right equipment, shooting indoors vs outdoors and a Snapseed and Lightroom live demo, amongst other skills. Additionally, you will also learn all about plandids and how to click them!

3) ‘Become a mobile video content creator’ by Dhruv Prakash
Understand what makes videos go viral and the importance of a video-centred strategy with this mobile videography workshop. Not only that, but the course also involves the basics of camera movement, storytelling through videos, an InSHOT live demo, and more to help you win at Instagram with amazing videos!

4) ‘Learn how to grow your followers on social media’ by Tanisha Bhansali & Harshit Bangera
With effective SEO & reel strategies, content hacks to jump on trends, understanding the algorithm and optimising your channel, amongst other social media growth hacks, this course is for you if you are a creator wanting to grow your following. The workshop will guide you to identify trends and create high-quality content quickly that, in turn, will help you increase your reach and engagement on both Instagram and YouTube.

5) ‘Excel with PowerPoint & Excel in 2022’ by Shivani Krishan & Varun Srivastava
Are you trying to get the hang of Excel and PowerPoint? If yes, then this live workshop will help you learn and understand the basic know-how of operating both these crucial computer tools.

All these courses by Kool Kanya offer certification after completion. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur who has their own brand, someone who has an online side hustle or looking to explore the world of content creation, this is the best time to hone your skills and take your social media game to the next level.