Paon Nusantara: An Indonesian Pop-Up Experience Presented By Perbacco At The Lodhi

Chef Kartikeya SinhaNew Delhi, July 2023 – Perbacco, located in the urban oasis of The Lodhi, New Delhi gears up to serve as the perfect backdrop for the exclusive culinary affair ‘Paon Nusantara’ – an Indonesian pop-up by Chef Kartikeya Sinha. The name derives from the Indonesian terms “Paon” meaning “kitchen” and “Nusantara” signifying the Indo-Malay Archipelago. This evocative name serves as a testament to the vibrant and diverse culinary heritage that will be showcased during the event at Perbacco.

Paon Nusantara is poised to transcend the boundaries of popular Indonesian recipes like Nasi Goreng and Chicken Satay, intricately exploring the nuances and exceptional techniques that are inherent in the cuisines of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. This culinary voyage is inspired by the Arabian Peninsula, Indian influences, and coastal China, promising an exquisite melange of flavours with dishes like Rujak Kaki Lima (street cart-style spicy fruit salad), Pepes Ikan (spiced snapper grilled in banana leaves), Nasi Bungkus (parcel of coconut rice with choice of sweet & spicy Balinese pork or lemongrass scented jackfruit), Jajan Pasar (sweet bites from the market) and more.

Chef Kartikeya Sinha’s culinary journey ignited at a young age, driven by an insatiable passion for food and exploring flavours. After graduating from the renowned Culinary Institute of America in 2011, his expertise flourished during his sojourn in Indonesia. Drawing from this rich experience, he meticulously curated the menu for Paon Nusantara, creating culinary marvels that blend traditional cooking styles with authentic ingredients.

“I believe in celebrating and sharing my culinary journey through food. My food philosophy is simple – use fresh, seasonal ingredients and let them shine,” expresses Chef Kartikeya Sinha, talking about his inspiration behind the pop-up menu.

Chef’s special menu is exclusively available for dinner at Perbacco from July 28th to 30th. The culinary experience is priced at INR 4500 + GST per person.

Date: 28th July to 30th July

Venue: Perbacco, The Lodhi

Timing: 7 PM and 9:30 PM