Professional Upskilling Ed-Tech Startup Learnbay Witnesses 300% Growth in 2023

Bengaluru, August 7, 2023 – Learnbay, a prominent professional upskilling ed-tech startup, reports a 300% growth in online education during the phase 2022-2023. With its innovative approach to skill development and comprehensive courses, Learnbay has emerged as a preferred destination for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Learnbay’s commitment to revolutionizing how people learn and acquire valuable skills has yielded impressive results. The startup boasts a database of over 350 recruitment partners, a testament to its strong industry connections and recognition in the job market. Recent figures reveal the success of Learnbay’s students, with notable recruitment across leading companies.

Learnbay’s impressive growth extends beyond financials. The company is expanding its workforce by hiring 100 sales, marketing, and development employees. This initiative strengthens Learnbay’s presence and contributes to employment opportunities in the education sector. The startup continues to innovate by launching new tools and courses around Chat GPT and Generative AI, which have been integrated into its comprehensive syllabus, providing students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Concerning the current growth trajectory, Mr. Krishna Kumar, CEO, of Learnbay, says, “We are extremely proud of Learnbay’s rapid growth and success in the professional upskilling landscape. Our strong partnerships demonstrate the value and trust placed in our programs. The recent recruitment figures highlight the demand for sector-specific skills and validate our commitment to delivering industry-aligned courses. We are excited to continue expanding our offerings, launching new domain-specific courses, and equipping professionals with the skills needed to thrive in today’s evolving job market.”

Highlighting the demand for sector-specific disciplines, Learnbay has seen recruitment demand vary among sector-specific disciplines. The BFSI sector accounts for 25% of student placements, showcasing the industry’s growing need for skilled professionals. Healthcare follows closely at 14%, emphasizing the importance of expertise in this critical sector. It stands at 11%, while Sales, Marketing, Logistics, and Supply Chain secure 8% and 4%, respectively. E-commerce holds a 2% placement rate, while a significant 36% of students find opportunities in other sectors.

As part of its continuous commitment to providing relevant and industry-aligned courses, Learnbay has also launched new domain-specific courses in HR and marketing. By focusing on vertical stories and highlighting the value of these new programs, Learnbay aims to address the specific skill gaps in these sectors, providing professionals with a competitive edge.

Learnbay’s rapid growth, impressive recruitment figures, and commitment to innovation underscore its position as a leading professional upskilling ed-tech startup. With a comprehensive range of courses, strong industry connections, and a track record of success, Learnbay remains dedicated to empowering professionals and driving the future of online education.