Quote on National Safety Week by Mr. Praveen Arora, Vice President-IoT, Tata Communications

Working in an industrial setting is often dangerous due to the nature of work, working conditions etc. It’s vital, for such a workforce to be equipped with technologies that enable their safety at all times. As such, the Internet of Things (IoT) has shown great promise in improving worker safety, increasing productivity, reducing costs and also bringing in better efficiencies. We are also seeing an increasing demand for IoT enabled connected worker solutions by manufacturing set ups.

At Tata Communications, we combine wearables with the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create technology solutions that saves lives, managed on a single window for safety and productivity requirements of an enterprise. Our Safety watch monitors a worker’s body vital stats and work environment and is capable of sharing two way alerts between the employees and supervisors in the event of fall detection, immobility detection, anomalous heart rate etc. The solution has been instrumental in preventing over 40+ critical incidents so far, by providing intelligent insights and enhanced decision support using intelligent sensors. Our enterprise SAFEPASS® solution has also resulted in 100% accuracy in locating workforce during emergencies and a 20% reduction in unauthorised entry at the workplace, making the organisation worker friendly.” -Mr. Praveen Arora, Vice President-IoT, Tata Communications