REHAU’s Carpenter Meet program aims at upskilling the furniture industry

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REHAUNew Delhi: REHAU, a leading manufacturer of polymer-based solutions, is aiming to train 2,000+ carpenters under its ‘Carpenter Meet’ program this year. The brand is working to reach carpenters from around 80 cities nationwide within the next six months. With presence across 2500+ retailers pan India, this stride reflects the brand’s commitment to ensure its carpenter partners are geared to deliver the highest level of quality to the end customers.

Over 70% of the Indian furniture market by value is still unorganized. To make any significant difference in the market, it is imperative to work with the carpenters, who reach the end customer and significantly impact their decision-making and the quality of the products. Also, to get your latest developments to the end customer, gearing up the carpenters with the right information and tools is crucial. With this program, REHAU aims to educate the carpenters on Edgeband, which not only improves the aesthetics of the end product and improves the life of furniture but also helps enhance the productivity of carpenters. Furthermore, the RAUKANTEX UPVC Edgeband offers colors that match those of all the leading laminate manufacturers in India and is available in a wide variety of sizes. REHAU will also cover how their range of products addresses the latest trends in product applications, and best practices in the industry and will help build the necessary expertise for delivering on those.

Explaining, why REHAU established the program to enhance the skills of the carpenters, Ms. Bhavana Bindra, MD, REHAU SOA, said, “Carpenters are the backbone of the furniture industry and a major driving force throughout the sector’s whole value chain. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing and refining their capabilities, REHAU is orchestrating specialized gatherings throughout India. REHAU’s Carpenters Meet serves as a platform dedicated to fortifying their insights into emerging trends and product applications, empowering their growth and fostering competitiveness within the market. Concurrently, the event acquaints them with REHAU’s comprehensive offerings, consolidating the brand’s status as a ‘one-stop solution’ within the furniture sector. As REHAU commemorates 25 years in India, our trajectory of growth is intrinsically linked to the advancement of the individuals who constitute the driving force of the furniture industry.”

The carpenter communities are introduced to REHAU products like Edgeband, Polymaster Adhesives, Masking Tape, Roller Shutters, and Plinth systems at the meet. The products are already popular in the domestic market, and this platform will be used by REHAU to train the partners on applications and USPs. For example, the Edgeband range with a variety of color and size options also offers a wide variety of textures and patterns while being available in various roll sizes. REHAU’s Polymaster adhesive comes with an integrated nozzle opening for the ease of dispensing and reducing wastage. The carpenters will also be trained on other products that are essential to their daily operations, such as REHAU Masking tapes that offer excellent adhesion with application to practically any furniture surface effortlessly while leaving no residue upon removing them. In the end, enabling the partners to offer appropriate products and applications is the key to customer satisfaction.