Reimagine Indian Comfort Food; Take your Taste Buds On a Culinary Journey that Transcends Through Time with Zamaana!


A tasteful travelogue transcending time, Delhi’s culinary landscape welcomes a new entrant – Zamaana. A cloud kitchen located in Noida, the eatery hones flavors by cleverly designing a menu bringing forth modern dishes whilst serving up nostalgia.

Founded by three highly goal-driven individuals, Zamaana is the brand child of Mr. Karan Malik, Mr. Kunal Singh Dogra, and Mr. Yajvin Chopra. While Mr. Malik and Mr. Dogra completed their degrees in Business Management, Mr. Chopra comes from a Computer Science and Marketing Background. The three share a common passion – transcending the food and hospitality enterprise. Having kickstarted numerous ventures in the F& B industry, the dynamic trio now aims to deliver excellence through its newest cloud kitchen.

Speaking about the same, the co-founders commented “We have been in the food and beverages business for the past couple of years, with experience in a host of concepts in the delivery, quick service restaurants and dine in restaurant spaces. Over this period, we have come to believe that the key to longevity and excellence is organic, gradual growth. We, therefore, decided to pivot from a base kitchen and go to market by way of a delivery service. We worked tirelessly for months after conceptualizing Zamaana and building our core team to build a recipe bank consisting of 100s of regional dishes from around our culturally diverse country.”

Zamaana believes that any restaurant worth its salt must perfect the three classics – Dal Makhni, Butter Chicken, and Kebabs. Standing true to their beliefs, the restaurant has attained absolute mastery over these dishes. Zamaana serves two variants of the cult favorite Butter Chicken, both inspired by different eras and great establishments. “Purani Dilli ka Butter chicken” is prepared in a way that mimics the original butter chicken that first took to the streets of Delhi, while the second variant called “Zamaana Chicken Makhani” is a more contemporary version of the famous dish.

Apart from these classics, some of the signature dishes at the restaurant include Rajasthani Safed Maas, Gunpowder spiced chicken wings, the Kolhapuri chicken, Zamaana’s signature vegan kebabs, and much more. To keep things interesting, the restaurant often releases time-bound menus that provide delectable regional options.

Their brand’s ethos is deeply rooted in bringing forth an ideology that’s ‘Food First.’ With a vision to deliver the purest, most honest, and most delicious bang-to-buck experience possible to the customer, Zamaana aspires to persist in delighting consumers with continuous innovation whilst having the capacity of taking the shape of an innovative and youthful dine-in concept.

Customers can place an order through aggregator platforms like Zomato and Swiggy or directly place an order through Thrive or Instagram. The operational timings for the kitchen are 12 PM to 12 AM from Monday to Thursday and 12 PM to 1 AM from Friday to Sunday.

Take your taste buds on a journey that transcends through time with Zamaana!