RENÉE Cosmetics To Hire 1000 Employees Across Divisions

Ahmedabad: RENÉE Cosmetics, one of the leading beauty brands in the country today, to further grow its team by adding approximately 1000 new employees with 200 on-roll hires and 800 off-roll hires across New Product Development, Beauty Advisory, Marketing, Sales, and Finance divisions, amongst others.


According to Co-Founder and Director at RENÉE, Priyank Shah, “The company has grown approximately 300% in the last year in revenue, and we recently raised our Series B round of $25M at a valuation of $100M. This development has helped us further pursue the huge opportunities we see in the mass market, and that too in a short timeline. We continue to grow exponentially on all major e-commerce platforms; as for our offline outreach, we are currently present in 150 cities and intend to increase our presence to 350 cities. With this strategy in mind, we need strong teams to support us, hence the extensive hiring across the board.”


RENÉE began its operations in September 2020; under the leadership of Co-founders and Directors Priyank Shah, Ashutosh Valani, and Aashka Goradia Goble; in only 29 months, the brand has launched 250+ products in the Beauty, Skincare, and Fragrances Divisions. All the products under the brand are high-quality, innovative, FDA-approved, multi-functional, clutter-breaking, and cruelty-free; RENÉE was built to bring the best of all the beauty industry offers today to its consumers in India and also globally. These products are available on RENÉE’s website and across major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and Myntra, with several others; and 1000 shop-in-shop stores across the country; additionally, they also have an online beta presence in the US, UAE, and Australian markets.


RENÉE’s present count is 175 on-roll employees and 750 off-roll employees. Adding 1000 new employees will significantly increase the total to around 2000 employees working for the brand; this shall set RENÉE with teams of diverse expertise aligned to help the brand achieve its robust expansion plans.

By Praveen