Replenish, Rehydrate, and Revive with AQUATEIN.


October 28th, Mumbai: Hydrating is now healthier than ever! India’s first protein water venture, ‘Aquatein’ has completely changed the narrative of how patrons envision the act of merely drinking water. It is said that when your body is hungry, it wants nutrients and not calories. Taking this notion forward, Aquatein’s wide-ranging products specialize in an active nutritional quotient whereas the calories are insignificant. Protein is a major nutrient the brand has managed to simplify successfully. Adhering to that, Aquatein has diversified its product lineup for the upcoming season. Aquatein’s mission is to create waters that are sealed with numerous nutrients helping us cope with the gaps in our day-to-day life as easily as sipping water.

A proper regimen of hydration can be the most powerful pillar of one’s health. Keeping that in mind, the brand signifies adequate hydration as a crucial aspect of living a healthier lifestyle. Merging it all with the macronutrients one needs, Aquatein creates a solution for everyone which is accessible, easy to consume, low on calories, delicious, and shaker free.

Launching new refreshing products this winter, Aquatein is all set to make the consumption of nutrients a hassle-free experience for not just fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious beings but for everyone.

Replenish, rehydrate, and revive your system throughout the day, for excessive sweat and outdoorsy activities can leave one dehydrated, fatigued, and energy-less. Losing necessary salts is an extremely common problem a lot of us face. Helping you replenish them Aquatein introduces “AQUALYTES” Electrolyte Water. Dive into the world of flavors as you experience unique tastes like – Guava Twist, Lime Cooler, Sunny Orange, and Very Berry.

Revitalize with “AQUAVITA” A vitamin-infused water containing all the vitamins from A to K in a 250 mL bottle that assures you of 25%* of your daily vitamin needs. Aquavita enriches your body with essential vitamins, bid adieu to the tasteless substitutes, and to popping pills!

Extracted from the fresh streams of the Himalayas, Aquatein is also introducing “AQUA ORIGINS” The pristine waters of the Himalayas, are one of the purest origins in India. Aquatein’s goal was to not only bring the Himalayan water to the customers but also the story of the Himalayas with their one-of-a-kind bottle of water designed to place the story right in the palm of your hands through which you can not only see it but feel it. Witness the story, feel the elements, and taste the purity of the Himalayas through Aqua Origins.

The cute little mascot MOE of AQUATEIN KIDS drink, in his different avatars like Captain MOE, Doctor MOE, Champ MOE & Explorer MOE promotes adequate hydration as the key to a healthier lifestyle, without compromising on the kid’s tastebuds making it a tasty experience. The drinks are made with real fruit juice, with no added sugar, colors, or flavors. Infused with 5G of pure protein with essential amino acids and zero preservatives, it is indeed the right pick for your kid’s hydration needs. Not only this, but the protein drink is available in four different flavors, ranging from berries, orange, and lemon to mix fruit. It also contains added vitamins to aid in boosting the immune system, stronger bones, and overall growth. Keeping up with the times and increasing health concerns, the new beverages are lactose and gluten-free which further helps in better nutrition and energy levels.

Another state-of-the-art drink is the ‘AQUATEIN PRO’ water which is a 500ML ready-to-drink high protein water, with low calories, 100% vegetarian, zero carbs, zero sugar, zero fat, lactose-free, gluten-free, and diabetic-friendly. It is available in refreshing flavors like strawberry, orange, mixed berry, and green apple.

“We are all aware of the importance of nutrition in our lives, then why aren’t we able to keep up with it? It’s because our lives are faster than ever. We laid the first brick of Aquatein with that goal – Let’s make things simpler for everyone, not more than 3 steps. Pickup. Open. Sip.” says Founder “Ananth B Prabhala”

“Ever imaged an entire aisle of healthy and tasty beverages, all on the go? That’s where we are headed. Aquatint, is simple nutrition for everyone at home.” says Co-founder “Mitisha Mehta”