RMB Kolkata and iLEAD Host Letz Empower Training Conclave Featuring Distinguished Speakers

RMB Kolkata and iLEAD Kolkata, September 25, 2023: RMB Kolkata in association with iLEAD on September 23, 2023, hosted a transformative day-long training conclave “Letz Empower.” The event witnessed the convergence of exceptional guest speakers, transcending barriers to inclusivity and knowledge-sharing.

The conclave, held at the iLEAD campus, unfolded with dignitaries from diverse fields, generously sharing their invaluable insights with a diverse audience.

First among the distinguished speakers was Rtn. Vajawanti Bose is a prominent figure in Emotional Empowerment Coaching, Public Speaking, and Authorship. Ms. Bose eloquently implored attendees to embrace the power of taking small steps, even in the face of adversity.

Following suit, Rtn. Kaushik Sen, a seasoned Financial Markets Expert with an MBA in Finance from Pune University, took center stage. His address revolved around the compelling concept of “Real Wealth.”

The third speaker, Mr. Pradip Chopra, a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Chairman of iLEAD and PS Group, captivated the audience with his remarkable journey from a Chemistry Hons. Graduate at the University of Calcutta to be an influential figure in the world of entrepreneurship. His mission to transform waste into wealth resonated deeply.

The midday session saw Mr. Avelo Roy, MD at Kolkata Ventures, Start-up Mentor, and TEDx Speaker, lead the audience on an inspiring journey from engineering to entrepreneurship. His insights covered diverse startup-related topics, including crafting compelling pitch decks, effective networking, enhancing valuation, and winning over investors.

Mr. Sanjay Jha, a Software and Digital Technology Professional, delivered a captivating session, emphasizing the art of “connecting the dots” and the paramount role of networking in contemporary business landscapes.

Mr. Gautam Mandal, an NLP and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, addressed a pressing issue of our times – stress. He cited alarming statistics, shedding light on rising heart attack rates and the global menace of stress.

Approaching the event’s culmination, Rtn. Ruby Ray, a Venture-preneur, Mindpreneur, and IIMC Alumni, engaged the audience with her unique perspective. Celebrating creativity, innovation, and perpetual growth, she explored the evolution of branding over 8,000 years, underscoring the contemporary significance of storytelling and emotional connections.

Rounding off this intellectually stimulating conclave was Rtn. Sudipta Kundu, a Digital Marketing Expert and Growth Strategist. He masterfully mapped the path to successful digital marketing, humorously referencing AI’s ability to both nourish and lull us to sleep while underscoring the importance of flawless execution.

“Letz Empower” provided an entire day filled with a succession of enlightening and interactive sessions featuring industry luminaries. Students and attendees left with enriched minds and empowered spirits, having seized this exceptional opportunity for personal and professional growth.