Satyagarhin front of the French Embassy and Jantar Mantar highlighting their principal demandsfor ST tag for Codava Tribe and to include Codava land in Geo- political Autonomy.

Codava National Council

New Delhi, 2nd November 2022: Codava National Council is requesting the UN to make the world aware of the tragic genocide of the Codava tribe’s predecessors. The President of CNC Mr. NU Nachappa Codava said that “Codava National Council is striving to regain its past glory through Constitutional empowerment. Their ST tag and Gun sacrament should be protected under the constitution on par with the Sikh community and our language should be included in the 8th schedule of the constitution. Our cultural heritage should be included in the intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO and land and oral identity should be protected under article 371 on par with North Eastern states of India”.

Codava National Council listed brief details of the criminal activities of the world authorities and their reconciliation against their brutal activities.CNC put forward a demand to the Govt of India to build a permanent International Monument for the departed souls of the Codava Tribe. It asks UNESCO to draw the attention of the world to the brutal killings of the Codava Tribe in 1785. It asks the Government of France to seek an apology and help establish an international memorial for the Codavas who was brutally murdered by them. It requests that Devaatt Parambu Tragic Genocide of the Codava Tribal Race should be included in the International Holocaust remembrance list of UNO.

The Codava Tribe observes ‘Anti Incursion Day’ on 1st November as the blackest day in Codava history. On 1st November 2022, they observed Satyagarh in front of the French Embassy and Jantar Mantar highlighting their principal demands for an ST tag for Codava Tribe and to include Codava land in Geo-political Autonomy.

In the year 2016 too, CNC made a legal request to the French Government to apologize for the sin they have committed against Codavas in collaboration with Tipu Sultan, the ruler of that time of Mysore which in reality, was a war crime. It demands that the French authorities should realize the sins they have committed against the Codava tribe and apologize publicly as they have gained civility after the formation of UNO. All the developed countries in the world have reconciled with the sins each of them has committed during the past centuries and French authorities also should follow the suit.

Even after the mass killings of their own tribe by the ruler and the French East India Company Allied Forces, CNC held a peaceful satyagraha on 27th January 2018 and the two consecutive years in Madikeri, Coorg.

In 2018 & 2019 CNC conducted a peaceful march in the vicinity of the French Embassy in New Delhi where they submitted a memorandum to the French consular and expressed their grievance that the French Govt needs to apologize to the Codava tribe and that they will continue to seek an apology from them.

Codava National Council (CNC) is seeking an apology from the French President and its Government for the heinous war crime that occurred 237 years ago on 12th December 1785 in Devatt Paramb in Coorg against the Codava tribe. French East India Company Allied Forces along with then-monarch, Tipu Sultan was together involved in the tragic genocide of the Codava Tribe. The CNC is also asking the Government of India to criticize the incident and collectively seek an apology from the French Authorities to reconcile any relation in the future.

CNC is demanding the French authority take the responsibility for the massacre they were involved in. CNC concludes that French authorities are undergoing the wrath and curse of all the innocent people who were killed in the mass killing. The world must know that the French Authorities helped Tipu Sultan who laid the foundation of terrorism some 237 years ago whose dreaded successors are known by the name of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.