Saudi Music Commission launches Saudi Football Trouq Initiative to preserve the resounding chants of football clubs

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Riyadh, 30 September 2023 – The third edition of the National Cultural Awards took place yesterday evening at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, where individuals and entities were presented with awards in honor of their valuable contributions to the Kingdom’s cultural sector. Following the success of previous years, the Saudi Ministry of Culture expanded the awards to the international community in its 2023 edition, honoring individuals, and institutions from around the world that have demonstrated excellence in their field. The Saudi Commission has launched “Saudi Football Trouq”, a unique initiative that is dedicated to the documentation of Saudi football club chants. This endeavor, driven by the Commission’s commitment to preserving the Kingdom’s diverse musical and artistic heritage, is carried out in collaboration with the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society — an organization accredited by UNESCO for its dedication to intangible cultural heritage. The initiative follows a meticulous and scientific approach, aligning with the documentation and inventory methodology approved by the Saudi Ministry of Culture.

Through “Saudi Football Trouq”, the Commission will create an integrated archive that includes club chants, related press articles, books, and relevant research and studies. It highlights how music shapes collective passion and memories, with fan chants playing a pivotal role in defining moments throughout the history of Saudi football.

This initiative emphasises the intrinsic connection between music, culture, and society, but transcends traditional documentation. Following field surveys with fan associations of major Saudi clubs, musicians, athletes, and historians, “Saudi Football Trouq” will present visual narratives that eloquently chronicle the history of these clubs through their cherished chants.

Significant progress has already been made in this initiative. The initial desk research phase involved meticulously inventorying 170 clubs spanning the Kingdom’s history. Furthermore, 835 visual, auditory, and written elements closely associated with Saudi football club chants have been compiled, 41 relevant books catalogued, in addition to a collection of pertinent articles and evocative images from matches resonating with these chants.

The “Saudi Football Trouq” initiative highlights the Saudi Music Commission’s unwavering commitment to preserving Saudi Arabia’s cultural tapestry. By delving into the evocative chants of football clubs, it breathes life into history, music, and collective memory, affirming the enduring power of artistic expressions in shaping national identity and cultural heritage.