Sennheiser Unleashes Cutting-Edge Audio Solutions at Broadcast India Show 2023

Mumbai, 25 October 2022: Sennheiser continues to redefine industry standards in broadcasting with its premium audio solutions. The company this year also took part in the Broadcast India Show 2023, unveiling a diverse array of product offerings tailored to meet the demands of content creation and production.

Moreover, Neumann also showcased MT-48 first time in India, which is a unique solution in its range, revolutionizes the audio experience by integrating the full potential of Neumann microphones, monitors, and headphones into a single device. This cutting-edge technology empowers audio professionals to unlock new creative possibilities and achieve unparalleled audio quality.

Sennheiser showcased the latest audio solutions for all levels of media production needs-from content creation, mobile journalism, to documentary, ENG and TV, film and live broadcast like MKE Mobile Kits family (200, 400, 600), Sennheiser Profile USB mic, Neumann MT 48, KH 150, KH 120 II, TLM 102, EW- D family (EW-D, DX, DP), MCM and many more.

Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Country Manager & Director- of Sales Pro Audio at Sennheiser India said “As a distinguished and premium platform in the broadcasting and cinema industry, the Broadcast India Show consistently offers us a stage to showcase our expertise and transform our ideas into tangible value. Our consistent participation in Broadcast India Show over the years has provided us with an invaluable platform to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality audio solutions to our valued stakeholders/ audience. The BI Show 2023 was a resounding success, with a significant turnout at our booth. It provided a valuable opportunity to connect with industry innovators and immerse ourselves in the dynamic energy of the broadcast, media, and infotainment sectors, all under one roof.”

The Broadcast India Show has been a dynamic platform highlighting transformative shifts in global infotainment technology. It provides an opportunity to engage with innovators and firsthand experience the marvels of the industry. The event seamlessly blends technology showcases, insightful sessions, and networking opportunities.