Serene Envirotech Solutions Launches of UdazH X8 Hydrogen Water bottles

Mysuru 1st Nov 2022 : Healthy living is no new concept, which is only strengthening its roots with the human race as days go by. It has become mandatory that style and comfort complement the benefits of any wellness product in the market today. To facilitate healthy living in an easier, quirkier and stylish manner Serene Envirotech Solutions today announced launching udazH X8 hydrogen water bottles – a revolutionary technology 4.0 product.
In the world we live in, increasing levels of pollution and radiation, coupled with stressful lifestyles, trigger excessive generation of free radicals in our body. Having to constantly tackle this situation is beyond the scope of the human body. In time, this situation leads to cellular oxidative stress, the root cause of many diseases. To aid endogenous antioxidants in combating excessive free radicals, we need to take the support of exogenous antioxidants. How do we do that?

X8 is an exciting option that offers just that! X8 generates hydrogen-rich water, a source of exogenous antioxidants. Consuming this hydrogen-rich water improves our body’s ability to fight free radicals. Since the launch, the product has been perceived well by the audience and the customers have seen an uptick in their well-being after using machine. The different specialty of the machine is its dual-use technology, where two persons can inhale at the same time and this makes the product different from others in the market. After seeing a positive response and success of X8, Serene Envirotech Solutions is on track to expand its market reach to provide this portable wellness to every home.

Molecular hydrogen is the latest buzzword in the booming wellness industry, and its potential as a preventative wellness tool is too big to ignore. It is a gas that is found in trace amounts in the air (0.00005%). It can act as an antioxidant and is thought to protect cells from oxidative stress-related damage. Hydrogen can be inhaled as a gas at low concentrations (1-3%).

The udazH X8 boasts of advanced technology 4.0 features such as automation, titanium platinum electrode, complete electrolysis with hydrogen and oxygen separation, high hydrogen production capacity of up to 3000 PPB, a high-end design with a real-time smart LED display, which surely are new and exciting features that gives a reason to own a udazH X8 water bottle.
In a day, consumption of the recommended amount of hydrogen water is equivalent to the consumption of large quantities of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits, which helps in reaping benefits like

  •  Better skin hydration
  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Eliminates inflammation and oxidative stress
  •  Restores energy levels
  •  Effects Anti-aging 

Dr. BabuSudhakar, the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Serene Envirotech Pvt. Ltd. expresses “udazH X8 is a luxurious and high-end fashionable device for healthy living. I strongly believe that the country is waking up to the importance of health and wellness. Preventative measures and healthier eating habits are becoming increasingly important, but style is also becoming an important quotient of the wellness industry. udazH X8 makes a great product for people who are more conscious about their healthcare and have a proactive lifestyle. Also, X8 can be very handy for the people suffering from bladder and kidney ailments and the ones who habitually consume less water, should make it a point to make X8 water bottle a part of their daily living.”

As a symbol of healthy living and exciting new fashion, udazH X8 has become a product that the youth and middle-aged people want to get their hands on. This in turn inculcates a healthy living for the future generation of the country.

Serene Envirotech was established to provide cutting-edge, innovative solutions and services in the field of preventive healthcare and wellness.
In a day when immediate results are valued above all else, the preventive healthcare and wellness industry offers a refreshing change.

By Praveen