’s unique Independence Day initiative RevolutioNaaris empowers women to join the workforce and be financially independent

Sharing is caring! logoMumbai, 14th August 2023: Ahead of India’s 76th Independence Day, a poignant question arises: despite 76 years of freedom, are 76% of women still in dependence?

India’s no. 1 matchmaking platform gives us food for thought.

Addressing the compromises to dignity and freedom that stem from dependence, as well as the weight of oppression, unveils a powerful campaign titled ‘RevolutioNaaris.’ This initiative shines a spotlight on the challenges hindering women’s financial autonomy, advocating for a transformative shift towards gender equality through education and employment.

Through an intriguing conversation unfolding between a teacher and her adolescent students, the film highlights how even after 76 years of independence, 76% of Indian women continue to live “in dependence.” Furthermore, by touching upon the conservative societal norms due to which women usually quit their jobs, especially after marriage or giving birth, the film aims to inspire young girls and women to influence a social transformation and change these dynamics for the better.

This digital campaign serves as a prelude to joining hands with Udayan Care, an NGO for women, youth, and children, to pledge monetary support for up-skilling 10000 women over a period of five years under the latter’s Udayan Shalini Fellowship program and enabling them to join the workforce.

Women’s financial independence makes up for an integral aspect of the broader discourse around women’s empowerment. Various reports over the years suggest societal norms and expectations of running domestic affairs alone push around 50%* of the women in India out of the workforce after marriage. According to reports, 76%** of women in India are still dependent on others for a livelihood, while 68%*** of women graduates in India are not a part of the workforce today.’s partnership with Udayan Care further solidifies its dedication to empowering women across diverse backgrounds in their skill development journey, paving the way for them to engage in various fields and professions. By doing so, it aims to break down obstacles and establish an inclusive pathway for women to access a range of economic sectors, attain financial autonomy, and play an integral role in India’s advancement. This Independence Day campaign thus serves as an ideal catalyst for the envisioned transformation within our nation, as initiatives like these amplify the influence of #RevolutioNaaris, fostering India’s continuous growth and progress.

Commenting on the initiative, Adhish Zaveri, VP – Marketing,, said, “ has always strived to make a meaningful difference through our thought-provoking campaigns. This Independence Day, we are seeking to celebrate the true meaning of independence by giving a greater impetus to the financial independence of women and helping promote equity in this sphere through our digital campaign. At the same time, we are pleased to associate with Udayan Care as this association will further help us realise our vision to enable women to upskill and train in diverse vocations through the NGO’s program.”, which specialises in matchmaking, has touched over 50 million lives by differentiating itself from other matrimonial platforms through its innovation-led approach. And with this unique initiative by their CSR wing,, it is focusing on nurturing the aspirations of women, enabling them to polish their skills and helping them gain new proficiencies to ignite a spark in them to join the workforce, taking a great stride forward in making women financially independent this Independence Day.