SoCheers launches SoCheers Spark

SoCheers launches SoCheers Spark

SoCheers, a leading independently-led creative digital advertising agency, has launched its new vertical, SoCheers Spark – a catalyst for change. With an aim to work with brands and NGOs who share the vision of making a difference in the society, SoCheers Spark is focused towards generating purposeful, impactful and influential campaigns that shed light on unspoken causes.

Spearheaded by its three leaders – Aanchal Kohli (Head – Corporate Communications), Nikhil Somani (Head – Account Planning), and Mihir Nair (Senior Manager – Account Planning), SoCheers Spark seeks to collaborate with individuals who are dedicated to driving positive societal change. Their goal is to develop campaigns that benefit society as a whole. Through this initiative, SoCheers aims to augment its creative proficiency and ignite discussions on topics concerning social and environmental causes.

Mehul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, SoCheers said, “With its immense reach, advertising is a potential tool that can connect with vast audiences. Over time, our advertising campaigns have reached billions of people, and we believe it’s time to leverage this potential for cause-related initiatives. By creating a brand mark, advertising can motivate people to take action and effect positive change in the world. Increasing awareness and interest in issues that can benefit society represents the next step in making a meaningful impact. As we celebrate ten years in business, we are thrilled to embark on this journey.”

Expressing their views, Aanchal Kohli, Nikhil Somani & Mihir Nair said, “SoCheers Spark represents a natural evolution for our agency, as our campaigns have always stood out for their ability to create an impact, whether in business or for social causes. We are excited about the possibilities this new vertical brings, a focused effort on creating campaigns that challenge the norm and inspire people to take action. As a creative agency that loves to take risks and push boundaries, we are doubling down on that ethos with SoCheers Spark. Our goal is to develop campaigns that capture people’s attention, engage them emotionally, and inspire them to take action. We are confident that this new vertical will enable us to make a meaningful impact in the industry.”

SoCheers has consistently demonstrated a willingness to take bold steps and break new grounds as a creative agency, and the introduction of SoCheers Spark serves as proof of its dedication to leveraging its platform for positive impact.