Subhash Ghai launches the Sanskrit version of his iconic song Har Karam Apna Karenge from the film Karma

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Subhash GhaiSubhash Ghai launched the Sanskrit version of his iconic song ‘Har Karam Apna Karenge’ from the film ‘Karma.’ With timeless lyrics such as ‘Har Karam Apna Karenge, Aye Watan Tere Liye,’ the song is played extensively during the national festivals every year even after 37 years of the film’s release, and still resides in the hearts of Indians.

Just before Independence Day this year, Ghai released a Sanskrit version of this song, presenting a precious gift to the citizens. During an event organized on Wednesday evening in Mumbai, Subhash Ghai stated that the Sanskrit language has been with us for thousands of years.

Producer-director Subhash Ghai says, “Intelligence doesn’t come from language; it comes from wisdom and intellect. I believe that now is the time when we should understand our culture, our language. It should be given priority. And, we should tell our children that being proficient in English doesn’t necessarily make one very intelligent. Today, with the way our government is talking about promoting this language, every child will speak in Sanskrit after 40 years. Just as today’s youth consider the English language their own, the day is not far when English will become the common language.”

Subhash Ghai further added, “When we speak in our mother tongue Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and see someone speaking in English, our attention immediately turns towards them because they are speaking in English. After 40 years, even a common laborer will converse in English. Then it will become the common language, and whoever speaks in Sanskrit, everyone will see that person as highly intelligent.”

Subhash Ghai affirmed, “From birth to death, all actions and rituals are performed using Sanskrit mantras. However, we don’t understand the meaning of mantras; we simply leave it to the pandit to recite them. Through your mantras, we will pray to God. We recite the Gayatri mantra daily; it is called the Maha Mantra, but no one knows its meaning. This thought has troubled me since childhood, what exactly is it? The world acknowledges that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Many countries have schools for Sanskrit. However, in our country, this language has been pushed so far behind. This is why I felt that ‘Aye Watan Tere Liye’ should be released in a Sanskrit version so that today’s youth can be inspired to learn Sanskrit.”

The song has been sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and was released by Mr. Mungantiwar in the presence of Jackie Shroff in Mumbai.