Team Computers Expects A Whopping 5000 cr Revenue by 2023 – What is making this company tick?

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Over 3 decades ago, Ranjan Chopra, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur felt that there was a growing demand for IT solutions & services. This led to the founding of Team Computers Pvt. Ltd, an IT infrastructure solutions company, in 1987. Team Computers has seen phenomenal growth in the last five years and is now aiming at hitting INR 5000 crores in revenue by 2023. The company has already clocked over 1500 crores revenue in the last financial year and expects a 2.5X growth in the next two years as they are betting big on India’s growing economy and market.

It has been an incredible journey for this company as it jumped on the bandwagon early, and has been riding the IT wave in India. Now it has emerged as a leader in the system integrators segment in India. Team Computers Pvt Ltd provides IT solutions and services to India’s leading companies across pharma, auto, manufacturing, FMCG, and startup industry verticals.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is currently in its golden phase of growth in the area of IT system integrators as companies are accelerating their digital transformation journey. All sectors including healthcare, auto, manufacturing, FMCG, and retail are actively focusing on digital transformation and need a technology partner on this journey.

As Ranjan Chopra, Founder and Managing Director of Team Computers Pvt Ltd put it, “It makes me proud to share that we have crossed another milestone – this year we turned 34 years young. What began as a small company with just 20 employees has grown to stand tall among the top IT companies in India today with more than 3000 employees. Back then from 1987 to now, a few factors have been constant – Innovation & Imagination. Team Computers Pvt Ltd has seen more than 50% growth in the past few years and we expect it to become a 5,000 crores company by 2023.”

Based out of New Delhi, Team Computers Pvt Ltd has six verticals: end-user computing, storage servers & networking solutions, security solutions, cloud solutions, software and analytics, and infrastructure managed services. The company also has two RIMCC (Remote Infrastructure Managed Command Centre) located in Gurgaon and Bengaluru which offer 365x24x7 support to the customers ensuring zero downtime in their businesses. In addition, there are two modern experience centres located in Bengaluru and Delhi that offer customers the opportunity to experience technology in a live environment in which they can make informed decisions.

The System Integration Market is expected to achieve significant growth in the next 5 years with advancements in Cloud Adoption, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI/ML, Edge Computing and Cyber Security. The digital transformation story in India has quite a distance to travel and Team Computers Pvt. Ltd expects to play an active role in this exciting journey that is set to propel India as a nation towards a new growth trajectory. They know the pulse of the customers and have decades of experience to back them. They are ready for a sharp spurt in growth over the next two years and are equipped to handle the migration of customers to the cloud. Backed by a visionary leader and an efficient pool of talented resources, Team Computers is ready and excited to take on the challenge.

About Team Computers Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1987 by Ranjan Chopra, an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur, it has emerged as a leading IT Infrastructure and Information Solution Provider in the last three decades. Team Computers is a bridge between business needs and the world of IT solutions. They see themselves as trusted solutions partners. They understand customer needs, Identify-Integrate-Support High quality, affordable IT Solutions in Hardware, Software, Services, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud with Speed, Flexibility, and an attitude of Service.

Team Computers Pvt. Ltd. is an industry leader in providing End-to-End IT Services and Solutions. With a turnover of 1500+ Cr, having 10 offices across India, and a 3,000+ workforce, they serve 2000+ customers across different verticals.