Themis TechnologiesNational, September 2023- Themis Technologies, a leading UK-based consulting firm, aims to provide comprehensive career consultation and job support services for tech professionals looking to settle in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has long been a hub for innovation and technology, attracting talent from around the world. However, navigating the intricacies of immigration, job searching, and career development in a new country can be a daunting task. Themis Technologies recognises these challenges and is committed to assisting international tech professionals in achieving their career goals in the UK.

The Career Consultation and Tech Job Support program offered by Themis Technologies includes a wide range of services designed to ease the transition for tech professionals in India

Immigration Guidance: Understanding the UK’s immigration policies and procedures is crucial for anyone considering relocating. Themis Technologies’ experts provide guidance on visa options and residency requirements.

Resume and Interview Preparation: Crafting an effective CV and performing well in interviews are essential for securing a job. Themis Technologies offers personalised assistance to help candidates present themselves confidently to potential employers.

Job Search Assistance: Access to a network of UK tech companies and job openings is a significant advantage. Themis Technologies familiarise candidates with the UK job market and platforms that align with their aspirations.

Mentorship: Guidance from experienced mentors can be invaluable. Themis Technologies will provide a range of helpful sessions to assist in settling into life in the UK. These sessions include guidance on obtaining a biometric residence permit (BRP), applying for a National Insurance number, understanding the UK tax system, registering with the NHS/GP, opening a bank account, renting a property, obtaining a driving license, and navigating school admissions for children and everything that one needs to know.

“Themis Technologies is committed to fostering talent and helping tech professionals in India settle and excel in the UK’s dynamic technology landscape,” said Gayatri Panda, Business Partner of Themis Technologies. “Our Career Consultation and Job Support program is designed to provide comprehensive support at every step of the journey, from immigration to career advancement.”

By Sujata