This Women’s Day – SuperBottoms Urges Women To #QuitTheGuilt

New Delhi, 07 March 2023: Keeping in line with the theme of The International Women’s Day, SuperBottoms today unveiled their campaign #QuitTheGuilt. The objective of the campaign is to invite women to quit feeling guilty, express their emotions, and encourage other women to voice their guilt.

The short video brings together women from different generations to express their guilt and the change they would bring in themselves. SuperBottoms’ latest campaign brings to light the journey of self-criticism that women of today experience throughout their lifespan and the need to #QuitTheGuilt.

Pallavi Utagi, the CEO and Founder of SuperBottoms said “For us, #QuitTheGuilt is more than just a campaign, it is an initiative by SuperBottoms to invite more women to voice out their journeys and their experiences. We, as women, are conditioned to be told, to listen, and to follow. This begins in our own homes when we see the women around us tone themselves down to fit into brackets and boxes.

With our campaign, we intend to bring women from all age groups together on one platform. Let’s take this occasion – Women’s Day, as an opportunity to prioritize ourselves, redefine our choices, and #QuitTheGuilt!”

In the video, 7 women/girls boldly share their experiences. From feeling responsible for being eve-teased to becoming a mother, they are always prone to guilt because of the pre-conditioning of always fitting into set boxes.

Are the women at fault here? Be it relationships or appearances, women feel the need to mould themselves as per the societal norms.

A recent study by the National Library of Medicines was a revelation that indicated significantly higher levels of both guilt and shame among girls than in boys, especially since their childhood. The intention behind ‘Quit the guilt’ is to urge women to find peace and happiness in themselves. It is to empower the newer generation and keep them away from the predefined norms.