This World Health Day, Give better care to your skin

This World Health Day, Give better care to your skin

Mumbai, April 2023– On this World Health Day, remember to look after both your body and your skin because good skin care is just as vital as good overall health. With the prevalence of makeup products containing toxic chemicals, unhealthy meals, unpredictable sleeping patterns, changing environmental variables, and other factors, maintaining your health in the present era can be difficult. A better skincare regimen, however, may help protect and preserve the health of your skin.
Naina Ruhail, the co-founder of Better Beauty, shares some important points to remember when it comes to skincare

  1. Stay hydrated and eat healthy.

One should always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Plus having a nutritious and healthy diet is extremely essential. You can do so by including more vegetables and fruits in your diet and cutting down on excess sugar and junk food.

2. Avoid hot water for the skin

Hot water should not be used on the skin as it might deplete its natural moisture and potentially cause dryness. To open up your pores and boost your skin’s luster, use lukewarm water or opt for a steam facial.

3. Avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers.

The use of soap bars on your face should be completely avoided. Face washes are meant to be gentle and only remove dirt and extra oils from your face, whereas soaps can be abrasive and strip your skin off natural oils. While soap is acceptable for the rest of your body, mild cleansers are best for your face.

4. Follow a consistent skincare routine

Follow a regular and consistent skincare routine to keep your skin healthy, and if you are unable to, make sure to follow at least a three-step routine ie. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

5. Use the right ingredients.

It’s important to know that there isn’t really a singular ingredient that can magically reverse a particular skin concern. Instead, it’s a combination of ingredients in formulas that enhance their efficacy and create visibly transformative results. Understand the needs of the skin and its concerns, and use products that contain the right ingredients suitable for your skin.

6. Clean Beauty

Our skin is our largest organ and taking care of it should be our top priority. So, make sure you use clean beauty products, as they have no harsh chemicals, carcinogens, or dehydrating agents that may be harmful to the skin or the planet.