To Combat Halloween Dangers, The Church of Scientology Provides Safe Trick-or-Treating for Local Families

The Church of ScientologyClearwater, Florida – On Tuesday, October 31st, from 5:00 pm-8:30 pm the Scientology Information Center and Church-sponsored humanitarian centers on Fort Harrison Ave. will host a safe trick-or-treating and a family-friendly concert at the Osceola Courtyard.

“While Halloween can be a time of fun and creativity, it can also be a period of stress for parents,” Amber Skjelset, Scientology Information Center Manager said. “According to a national study done by Safe Kids Worldwide, 77% of parents are worried about the safety of their children while trick-or-treating. 31% are concerned about their kids being hit by vehicles, 24% are more concerned about them eating tampered-with-treats and 15% are leery of kidnapping in addition to other fears. The Church understands those concerns and has created activities to combat those fears, and provide a good time,” added Skjelset.

To help Tampa Bay families and children enjoy safe trick-or-treating the Church of Scientology and the Fort Harrison Ave. humanitarian centers will host an elaborate Trick-or-Treat Trail and family activities in the Osceola Courtyard.

The free event provides children of all ages, with nine adjoining centers to visit, each with their own theme, candy, and other kids’ activities. These centers provide education on the Truth About Drugs, Human Rights, common sense morals, and more.

Also, in the Osceola Courtyard, there will be a live concert by the Flag Band, complimentary food, games, face painting, balloon art, and a bouncy house available at no cost.