Tummoc Surpasses 1.5 Million Distributed BMTC Passes, Celebrates Unprecedented Achievement

TummocIndia, 31st July 2023: Tummoc, the most bankable commute app, announced that it has reached a significant milestone. The company has reached an impressive 1.5 million BMTC pass purchases in Bengaluru from the time it launched in April last year. This achievement is attributed to the comprehensive features offered by the Tummoc app, which caters to the diverse computing needs of its users.

The app provides convenient daily, weekly, and monthly pass-booking options, enabling users to choose plans that align with their travel requirements. Additionally, it offers a journey planning functionality that empowers users to organise their trips efficiently. To enhance the overall commuting experience, Tummoc facilitates last-mile connectivity by offering direct auto and cab rides that complement bus journeys. This milestone underscores the app’s substantial impact on the city’s transportation landscape.

Hiranmay Mallick, Co-founder & CEO of Tummoc, commenting on this significant achievement, said, “We thank the customers for their ongoing support for the Tummoc app. Reaching 1.5 million BMTC pass holders is a significant achievement, and we will continue to provide Bengaluru consumers with AI-driven solutions that provide users with accurate and real-time travel information. One of the reasons behind our success is our constant efforts to innovate, as seen in the regular introduction of new ticketing options, which efficiently cater to the growing user base. Tummoc’s ability to handle such a significant number of users shows that it is a reliable and efficient choice for all commuters, providing them with an optimal travel experience.”

One of its standout functionalities of Tummoc is real-time bus tracking, allowing users to easily track buses along their preferred routes in real time. This cutting-edge feature has proven to be a game-changer, enhancing planning and reducing waiting times. The app’s intelligently designed architecture evenly distributes the user load between servers, ensuring smooth operations during busy times.

The seamless Renewal feature for users is a major convenience for BMTC passes. With just a few taps on the app, users can effortlessly renew their BMTC passes without visiting ticket counters. Tummoc’s commitment to exceptional customer support is evident through multiple channels, including calls and emails. Additionally, the app incorporates a helpful chatbot feature that efficiently addresses user inquiries.

For personalised route suggestions and trip planning, Tummoc’s “Plan My Trip” feature comes to the rescue. Tailored route options based on user preferences make journey planning easy and efficient.

App stability and user feedback are also a top priority for Tummoc. The app’s scalability ensures smooth performance, handling millions of users seamlessly. It prioritizes user feedback to improve its services continuously. Through a rating and feedback system integrated within the app and app store listings, the app gathers valuable insights from users, ensuring ongoing enhancements and a more user-focused commuting experience. As Tummoc continues to redefine the commuting experience with its user-centric approach and state-of-the-art features, it solidifies its position as the preferred choice for commuters in Bengaluru.

Tummoc offers BMTC pass holders more than pass booking and journey planning. The app provides valuable additional services, such as direct rides with Rapido and Quick Ride, enhancing first and last-mile connectivity for a seamless travel experience alongside public transport journeys.