Logo_U GRO CapitalNew Delhi, June 26, 2023: U GRO Capital, a leading DataTech NBFC focused on MSME lending, is proud to announce the launch of its #TicketToBigDreams campaign on the occasion of World MSME Day. This innovative campaign aims to highlight the significance of MSMEs and their crucial credit needs while showcasing UGRO Capital’s expertise in providing customized financing solutions.

The #TicketToBigDreams campaign centers around the concept of a pre-approved loan letter acting as a catalyst for MSME owners, enabling them to fulfill their aspirations of managing working capital, procuring new machinery, and expanding their businesses. It features a captivating series of videos and social media posts showcasing how U GRO Capital has facilitated customized credit financing for small businesses in select sectors, addressing their unique credit requirements. These videos creatively depict real-life situations faced by MSME owners, presenting their common queries related to credit and loans, while offering practical solutions. Additionally, the campaign includes heartfelt testimonials from actual UGRO Capital customers, highlighting their success stories made possible through timely access to credit.

To amplify the celebrations on MSME Day, U GRO Capital will host last-mile MSMEs across all its branches throughout India. During the event, these MSMEs will be presented with their very own #TicketToBigDreams – a pre-approved loan offer from UGRO Capital. This gesture underscores U GRO Capital’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the aspirations of MSMEs across the country.

Mr. Sangram Singh, Head – of Products of U GRO Capital, expressed his enthusiasm about the #TicketToBigDreams campaign, saying, “MSMEs form the backbone of our economy, driving innovation, employment, and inclusive growth. However, lack of access to adequate credit often hinders their progress. With our unique underwriting model and expertise in leveraging data and technology, U GRO Capital is committed to empowering MSMEs with the financial resources they need to thrive. We believe that by empowering MSMEs with accessible credit, we can unlock their true potential and drive sustainable economic growth. The #TicketToBigDreams campaign is our way of celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit and showcasing our unwavering support.”

As U GRO Capital continues to empower MSMEs, the #TicketToBigDreams campaign reinforces its commitment to foster the growth and development of these enterprises. By catering to the credit needs of last-mile MSMEs, U GRO Capital envisions a future where small businesses can unleash their full potential, driving economic progress and prosperity.

By Sujata