LONDON, June 26, 2024 — Vantage Foundation is proud to announce its partnership to Doorstep Library, a community-focused literacy charity dedicated to bringing the magic of books and the joy of reading directly into the homes of children across London. As part of this collaboration, Vantage Foundation has donated US$2,000 to Doorstep Library, with the aim of enhancing literacy development and fostering a love of reading among children, empowering them to change their own stories for good.


Vantage Foundation partners with Doorstep Library to enhance literacy among families living in areas of disadvantage in the UK Doorstep Library operates in underserved areas, primarily in London, to ensure that every child has access to books and the opportunity to enjoy reading. Volunteers visit families weekly, bringing books, sharing stories, and encouraging parents to read with their children.

Research from the National Literacy Trust and Chase[1] highlights the urgent need for such initiatives, revealing that 1 in 5 parents and carers are spending less on books for their children due to financial struggles. With 1 in 7 state primary schools lacking access to a library, many children miss out on critical early learning opportunities.

Doorstep Library’s impact can be seen through numerous heartfelt stories. A nine-year-old boy, Josh, who had never read out loud during the sessions, surprised everyone one day asking to read his book to the volunteers and his mother. Despite stumbling over some words, Josh read the entire book, marking a significant turning point in his reading journey.

In another anecdote, eight-year-old Nia shared with Katie Bareham, CEO of Doorstep Library, why she believed Doorstep Library was so important. Nia said, “When we grow up, we will remember that this was the best bit of the week and we will read with our children as well.” This profound insight underscores the lasting impact of Doorstep Library’s work.

“We are breaking the cycle of children not being read to, for pleasure and for the joy of it, and we want to create for these children, memories that will last them a lifetime and that will hopefully continue to the next generation,” said Katie.

“Reading opens doors to new worlds of imagination and knowledge,” said Steven Xie, Executive Director of Vantage Foundation. “We are excited to lend our support and provide more children with access to books, regardless of their families’ economic situation, and make a positive impact on their future. Doorstep Library’s good work of fostering a love of reading is a critical step towards achieving that goal.”