Viraj Profiles Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd, a leading name in the stainless steel industry, has always championed the well-being of its employees. As part of their steadfast commitment to employee welfare, Viraj Profiles operates a benevolent fund to provide support to employees in their time of need.

The initiative demonstrates Viraj’s values of community and compassion maintained through contributions from the company and its employees. This fund is generously used each month to provide employees with unexpected incidents with a financial lifeline. The Benevolent Fund support is available for employees across departments and designations.

Viraj Profiles recently showed the company’s dedication to worker welfare by coming forward to provide Mr Aniket Patil, a valued employee in the Wire Rod Mill department. When Mr Patil encountered an unforeseen medical emergency, Viraj Profiles responded quickly to ensure he received critical financial assistance so that his family could tend to his care without worrying about monetary limitations.

By Sujata