VLCC Wellness to ‘transform lives’ in Amritsar, Launches new salon

VLCC Wellness

VLCC Salon now in Amritsar, avail up to 50% discount.

Sparking transformation through shaping up the confidence of millions, India’s leading beauty and wellness brand, VLCC, as part of its geographical expansion, launched its salon format in Amritsar today. The company already operates a VLCC wellness & beauty clinic in the city.

VLCC Wellness Amritsar

Serving the public since 1989, VLCC manages a chain of more than 200 wellness and beauty clinics across Asia offering a plethora of wellness, weight management & beauty services including aesthetic dermatology. It also operates a chain of 94 VLCC institutes of beauty and nutrition across 67 cities in India and manufactures in its three plants, two in India and one in Singapore, a wide range of skin care, hair care and beauty care products that are retailed through over 110,000 stores in India as well as through outlets in several countries across the globe.

The new VLCC salon has been opened at Albert Road in Amritsar, providing a multitude of treatments for skin and hair as well as laser hair reduction and regular beauty salon services. Adhering to all COVID safety norms the salon is staffed by experienced professionals geared to deliver best-in-class services.

In order to ensure delivering safe services and remove any cause of concern, the salon has been completely sanitized, equipment will be sanitized after every use and proper social distancing norms and masking protocols, will be adhered to. In fact, to ensure 100% safety of their clients, VLCC has also ensured that all their staff members have been fully vaccinated. The newly inaugurated salon in Amritsar is currently offering a flat 50% discount on facials, hair spas and full body laser treatment; and 20% flat discount on other beauty services.