Whale Cloud and Ant International Forge Strategic Partnership to Expand e-Wallet and Super App Technologies

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NANJING, China, June 17, 2024- Whale Cloud, a leading technology company providing software solutions and services for telecommunications and multiple industries,  entered into a strategic partnership with Ant International on the development and global expansion of Alipay+ Wallet Tech, a full suite of payment, e-wallet and Super App solutions provided by Ant International. This partnership is aimed at supporting more customers to build e-wallets and super apps with world-class functionality, reliability, and stability, and bringing the benefits of financial inclusion to a wider audience worldwide.


Together with Ant International, Whale Cloud will provide customers with diverse e-wallet and digitalization technology solutions based on Alipay+ Wallet Tech, including digital wallet solution with marketing promotion tools, industry-leading risk management and anti-money laundering system, technologies for financial services, and Super App solution for developing an open ecosystem for digital services.

In addition to product offerings, Whale Cloud and Ant International will cooperate to provide one-stop services, including technology and operations hosting, payment business planning consultation, business growth support, and business operations management.

Looking forward, Ant International will continue to upgrade and innovate Alipay+ Wallet Tech, and contribute its best operational practices and global ecosystem, while Whale Cloud will provide its extensive industry experience, technologies, implementation and localization capabilities, and global customer service expertise.

“The synergy of insights, expansion capabilities, and technology innovation will accelerate financial inclusion on a global scale,” said Yishi CHEN, Executive Vice President of Whale Cloud International. “Together, we can leverage our local expertise and customer-oriented approach to effectively address the needs of our partners and customers.”

“We are glad to embark on this strategic partnership with Whale Cloud,” said Zhixian LI, Senior Director, Alipay+ Wallet Tech at Ant International. “By combining our expertise, resources, and market reach, we are confident that this joint effort will benefit customers around the world and help accelerate their digital transformation through advanced technologies, and allow their users to enjoy better and more convenient payment, financial and lifestyle services.”