With an Eye on Global Audience, Regional Matrimonial Sites Undergoing Digital Makeover

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Mumbai: C Com Digital, a full-service Techno Digital Marketing Agency with a global footprint, has successfully revamped the Tawde Vivah &Tawde Atithi Bhawan websites. While Tawde Vivah is a cost-efficient and trustworthy matrimonial portal for the Maratha community in India and abroad, Tawde Bhawan caters to the hospitality of the Maratha community. Marathas constitute roughly 30% of India’s population and have a considerable population settled in different countries worldwide. There is a rising demand for authentic Marathi matrimonial alliances, and platforms like Tawde Vivah are aiming to cater to this demand.

Marriages in India are probably the most significant life event for the people. Even when they settle abroad and make their mark in the global arena, NRIs usually prefer to relish their roots and keep their cultural heritage intact by opting for marital alliances within their communities.

With rising disposable incomes and a sense of pride in their origins, this community is receptive to engaging within and familiarizing the younger generations with their traditions. Established in 1943, the ‘Kshatriya Maratha Tawde Beneficial Board (KMTHM)’ has been relentless in its pursuit of performing social duties toward the Maharashtrian community. The Maharashtrian Kshatriya community is renowned globally, comprising numerous scholars, education experts, social reformers, scientists, and technology wizards. Through the revamp of its online platforms, Tawde Vivah (for matrimony) and Tawde Atithi Bhawan (for authentic Maharashtrian hospitality), KMTHM is now well poised to become the shining beacon among Indian regional matrimony platforms worldwide.

Talking about the project, Chandan Bagwe, Founder/Director – C Com Digital, said, “As a Maharashtrian, it is a matter of great pride to witness the global growth of Indian regional matrimonial services, especially the evolution of Marathi matrimony sites. In the post-pandemic world, international travel has become more complex, and there is a clear transition of matrimonial discussions and formalities from the offline to the online world. To facilitate seamless and fruitful conversations, we have revamped the look and feel of the two KMTHM websites. The simplified navigation makes it easier for website visitors worldwide to connect with the community or get matrimonial assistance from the Tawde Vivah website. They can also enjoy impeccable Maratha hospitality by visiting the Tawde Atithi Bhawan website and enhancing their experience of the Indian roots when they visit the property.
We look forward to supporting them in their future endeavors toward the global spread of Maratha heritage through these platforms. We expect other prominent regional matrimonial services to spread their wings internationally in the times ahead.”

Speaking about this, Dinkarrao Tawde, President Tawde Mandal, said, “From the pre-independence era, Maratha Kshatriyas have been at the forefront of social reforms and the quest for freedom and equality. In the modern era, community members across the country and worldwide proudly display the Maratha heritage and culture. At the same time, they struggle to connect effectively with the community and forge matrimonial alliances due to a lack of access to digital means. We envisioned revamping the Tawde Vivah and Tawde Atithi Bhawan websites to bridge themarriage and hospitality alliance gap, and we are thankful to C Com Digital for precisely carrying out the mandate. We are confident that the revamped websites will make it easier for the users to engage with us and the other community members and strengthen their roots with the Maratha culture and heritage wherever they are.”

While Tawde Vivah had been supporting Maharashtrians with matrimonial support over the years, the Grand Tawde Atithi Bhavan is a modern building located on the sea highway at Adivare Village, Rajapur Taluka, in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. Spread across a built-up area of 1200 square feet comprising a basement plus two floors, the majestic Bhavan, located in a 55,000 square feet land parcel, offers eight suites and a grand hall. The grand hall is an architectural masterpiece with a Shri Saptkoteshwar idol in the center, ensuring positivity in the ambiance. It is an ideal venue for weddings, birthdays, meetings, etc.