Woods at Sasan launches Game Into The Wild: A unique package for forest & wildlife conservation

Resort forest holiday

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The end of 2021 brings with it a ray of hope for the coming year – a year one hopes will be rung in with optimism for the future. As the shockwaves of the pandemic slowly recede, people, cooped up in homes for far too long, yearn to find themselves in open, green spaces. And this has ushered in the popularity of remote retreats where guests can immerse themselves in nature, in local culture and escape the confines of being home-bound. 

Meanwhile, Nature, oblivious to the troubles of humans, continues on her march of the seasons. In the forest of Sasan Gir, December ushers in a crisp and bracing winter. The jungle calls, and Woods at Sasan, India’s first biophilic and sustainable luxury retreat welcomes guests back into the lap of nature.

Woods at Sasan, a forerunner in sustainable tourism in India, ushers in the holiday season with excursions that celebrate the mystery and beauty of the jungle and its inhabitants. Each excursion is a curated set of experiences that take guests through an immersive experience of the forest and the local lifestyle.

On offer are Birding, Safaris, Nature Trails and Transformative Game Drives, accompanied by the in-house naturalist and conservationist – a mine of information, whose anecdotes and knowledge make the excursions a lively experience for guests. They discover not just the famed lions, but the wonderfully diverse fauna and flora of the region. Sasan Gir is also rich in local culture, folklore and traditions, with a unique culinary palette and a lively lifestyle waiting to embrace the adventurous traveller.

For guests looking for an inclusive and extensive experience, Woods at Sasan has introduced ‘Game Into the Wild’, a package that includes accommodation, all meals, a guide-accompanied safari and a series of recreational activities. Game Into the Wild is designed with inputs from the chief naturalist at the resort and enables guests to delve into and understand the complex inter-relationships between the animals, plants and the local people, a lived experience that resonates long after the stay. A detailed itinerary is available at the end of the article. 

Mr. Maulik Bhagat, Founder, Woods at Sasan and 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts, said, “We are a place of retreat where guests can escape to and relax. We offer the best of amenities built on a foundation of sustainability – in our architecture, our practices, and in our goal of preserving nature, wildlife and native cultures. Our offerings are locally relevant and meaningful – be it the cuisine, the activities or wellness practices such as yoga and Ayurveda. We are committed to respecting the local ecosystem and working to preserve and promote livelihoods in the area. The ‘Game Into the Wild’ and Woods Wildlife Expeditions is an eye-opener into the ecology of the area and also the culture of its people, and we are happy to announce that a percentage of all profits from the package will go towards conservation. At Woods at Sasan, our aim is to make well-being practices part of our lifestyle and hopefully that of our guests as well.”

The past year has reoriented our priorities – a healthy body and mind now precedes material benefits. With this physical, mental and spiritual well-being as the focus, Woods at Sasan also offers Pathways that offer curated stays dedicated to holistic well-being. These involve work or wellness vacations, recreational and therapeutic activities, nature immersions and more. The Pathways draw upon the sensibilities of both traditional and contemporary design-led practices to ensure that your stay at the retreat is meaningful and soul-satisfying.

Happy travels!

Inclusions for Game Into the Wild:

Escorted safari: An exclusive view of the Sasan Gir forest in an open safari. Accompanied by our naturalist, guests venture in search of lions, leopards, small cats, nilgai, deer and a number of birds
Fishing Tea tale: A lesson in the art of relaxation and patience – fishing by the peaceful waters of the Hiran river, followed by high-tea and an outdoor camping setup.
Som Signature Couple Therapy: A couple’s experience of Som Wellbeing to detox, destress and the taste of holistic well-being.

Bonnet breakfast: A ride through forest trails in an open gypsy followed by a woodsman’s breakfast served on the bonnet of the car.

BBQ Dinner: A culinary experience where the chef serves up platters roasted or smoked on a woodfire. All with a private butler anticipating your every need.

Swadesh Dining: Our signature restaurant, Swadesh, where the slow-cooked delicacies of a Saurashtra thali are served up on traditional bronze plate ware. A unique experience of unique local flavours.