World University of Design presented Vietnam-India International Exhibition and Workshop – ‘VIIEW’ : Beyond and Beneath Art Exchange’

World University

 World University of Design presents an exclusive viewing of the VIIEW Showcase, the exhibition of the Vietnam-India International Exhibition and Workshop. This unique art exhibition brings together the work of 12 Vietnamese and 17 Indian Artists who co-created during a week-long workshop at the School of Visual Arts, World University of Design (WUD). Inaugurated by Ms. Nguyen Ngoc, the Political Counsellor from Vietnam Embassy at Gallery Art Konsult, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Themed around UNEXPLORED SPACES, a curatorial project which proposes both Indian and Vietnamese artists liberally interpret their own creative endeavors in art with specific importance to the tangible practice of painting, this is the second chapter after a successful stint at the first chapter of VIIEW at Van Lang University, Vietnam in November 2022.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) said, “This exhibition defines how classic examples are created when a few greats align them with each other at the right place and right time. The synergy here is so electrifying! Artists from two culturally iconic nations come together creating their own interpretations of space – a subject as vast as infinity giving unseen opportunities for artists to explore their own potential. It is a pathbreaking moment for these students to be able to see their artworks beautifully curated across the allies of Art Konsult!”

VIIEW aims to celebrate artists as an individual, their ambitions, perfections, and imperfections while bringing out their struggles, outputs, and their endurance. It is a depiction of how an artist combats all obstacles across the various walks of life, yet marches on this beautiful journey called life embracing self-love and exploration to thrive better.