Xavier Institute of Communication Presents IKSHANA 2023: Shaping the Future of Education with AI

Mumbai, Date, 2023 – Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), is proud to announce “IKSHANA 2023,” a spectacular media festival. XIC is renowned for providing top-quality professional education in all disciplines of communication. XIC has a rich legacy of 54 years, consistently inculcating values and a flexible, innovative pedagogy that encourages professional responsibility. XIC stands as a paragon of media education, offering a range of courses in mass media.

XIC is ranked No.1 among India’s private media communication colleges. This recognition is a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence and its impact on shaping the future of communication professionals.

In line with its mission to build awareness of communication careers and opportunities across the nation, XIC started “IKSHANA.” This media festival is designed to provide students with a unique platform to explore the field of media. It promises to be a convergence of diverse perspectives, featuring contests, interactive workshops, and professional conclaves. “IKSHANA 2023” aims to open up new horizons in media for students to explore and embark upon. “Ikshana,” is derived from Sanskrit, signifying “evolved knowledge in its purest form.” This festival allows students to showcase their talents, share their perspectives, and present their thoughts through storytelling.

“IKSHANA 2023” comprises of two major competitions:

  1.  The Short Film Festival
  2.  The Great Storytelling Race

These competitions will be conducted at three levels:

  1.  District Level (Online)
  2.  State Level (Online)
  3.  National Level (Offline)

A distinguished panel of media professionals will serve as jurors at each level, selecting finalists to participate in the Grand National Level event in Mumbai.

“IKSHANA 2023” will reach its pinnacle in November with a mega event hosted at the St. Xavier’s College campus in Mumbai. The National Level finalists will be treated to a two-day extravaganza that exposes them to the vast potential of the media industry through conclaves, workshops, and interactions with media professionals. The event will culminate with the recognition and awarding of prizes to the National Short Story and Short Film competition winners.

The theme for “IKSHANA 2023” is “AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Education,” reflecting the evolving landscape of technology in the field of education. “We believe that incorporating AI in education can revolutionize the way we teach and learn. Through this fest, we aim to explore the potential of AI in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative skills among our youth.”