Yahhvi – EV Charging Unveils State-of-the-Art High-Speed EV Charging Stations at Pioneer Group , Gurgaon

Yahhvi – EV Charging and Pioneer Urban Land & Infrastructure Ltd have taken a momentous leap towards a greener future with the launch of 12 top-of-the-line EV charging stations strategically positioned in prime locations throughout the pioneer group projects in Gurgaon. These meticulously selected charging points are ingeniously situated in the common parking areas of Commercial Project called “Pioneer Urban Square”, where prominent corporate giants like Zomato, Sunlife Financials, Blinkit, Corning, and many more have set up their offices. Moreover, these innovative charging facilities extend their reach to the residential spaces of Pioneer Presidia, Araya, and Zion Club, catering to the needs of EV owners within these thriving communities. By placing these chargers in such strategic locations, Pioneer Group has achieved unparalleled accessibility, offering EV owners a reliable and convenient charging solution right at their parking spots.

“I am thrilled to witness the successful launch of our state-of-the-art EV charging stations in collaboration with Pioneer Group. This milestone not only marks a significant step towards a greener future but also reinforces our commitment to providing accessible and reliable charging solutions. Our Exclusive partnership with EO Charging UK and our unwavering dedication to sustainable energy practices position Yahhvi as a pivotal player in the sustainable mobility revolution. Together, we are driving the transformation towards a cleaner and more sustainable India.” – Mr. Sandeep Yadav, CEO and Founder of Yahhvi EV Charging.

These charging stations have recently commenced full operations, marking June 15th as a significant milestone in the sustainable mobility landscape of Gurgaon. Each charging station is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficient charging services that are both swift and reliable. For instance, at Pioneer Urban Square, you can find five AC public chargers boasting an impressive 22 kW capacity, allowing EVs to achieve a full charge in a mere 3 hours. In addition, there is a DC charger with a remarkable capacity of 30 kW, enabling a complete charging session within a remarkably short span of time, ranging from 45 to 80 minutes.

Expanding its commitment to providing comprehensive charging options, Yahhvi EV Charging has also installed 7.2 kW and 22 kW AC chargers in the common parking areas of Presidia, Araya, and Zion. These chargers offer substantial charging power, allowing vehicles to reach a significant charge level within an estimated 3.5 hours while achieving a full charge in approximately 8 hours.

“It gives us immense pleasure in introducing EV charging facilities in our Developments/Projects by partnering with ‘Yahhvi – EV Charging’ a fast-growing reliable service provider in the EV charging segment in India. It not only provides in-house facilities to the inhabitants of our residential and commercial complexes but also contributes towards the nation’s resolve for an alternative mobility solution, yet reducing the hazardous emissions” says senior personnel of Pioneer Urban associated with this initiative.

The newly launched charging stations cater to all e-cars available in the market. These cutting-edge chargers have been designed to seamlessly support popular electric vehicle brands such as TATA, MG, HYUNDAI, BMW, BYD, Mercedes, and many more. Whether you own a sleek electric sedan, a stylish electric scooter, or a nimble electric bike, these charging stations provide optimal compatibility and performance, ensuring that every EV owner can benefit from their convenience and reliability.

Yahhvi EV Charging’s partnership with EO Charging UK, an internationally acclaimed provider of the world’s smallest & smartest EV charging product technologies, lies at the core of this initiative. Backed by this collaboration, Yahhvi has emerged as a leading E-mobility and Charge Point Operator. Driven by their vision to be the foremost charging solution provider, Yahhvi EV Charging is actively working alongside aligned partners to enhance sustainable energy practices in India. Their unwavering dedication to this cause is evident in their extensive installation of over 300+ charging points catering to individuals, commercial enterprises, residential areas, and destination charges. As an ambitious target, they aim to surpass the 1100+ mark by March 2024, solidifying their position as a pivotal player in the sustainable mobility revolution.