Yi Jing at Sheraton New Delhi Showcases the Culinary Artistry of Master Chef Liang

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Skilfully blending robust and tantalizing flavours of Chinese cuisine

Experience a tantalising lineup of Chinese specialties at Yi Jing as Chef Liang from ITC Maratha, Mumbai infuses time-honored classics with meticulous presentation, and truly unique yet authentic flavours.

Yi Jing, Sheraton New Delhi

One could indulge in a signature repertoire of delectable specialties, a harmonious marriage of spice and subtlety, curated by the seasoned virtuoso of Chinese cuisine, Chef Liang. Chef Liang always has a creative edge and Chinese cuisine is his favourite and forte. Honoured with several prestigious honours from around the world, he has won the hearts of international dignitaries in an illustrative career spanning over four decades.

Chef Liang

Each dish on the limited edition TDH menu highlights his unique culinary flair, combining traditional flavours with contemporary creativity. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options having offerings such as Stuffed Lotus Stem with Crispy Garlic, Prawns with Crispy Crumb and Sesame, Sichuan Double Fried Pork, Spicy Chongqing Noodles with Mushrooms, and more, alongside wine-pairing option for a celebratory dining experience.

Yi Jing at Sheraton New Delhi draws inspiration from the essence and meaning of its title. ‘Yi’ means ‘to change’ and ‘Jing’ refers to ‘the classic’, presenting a cuisine philosophy that combines simplicity with contemporary interpretations. The culinary team led by Master Chef Deepak Pujari oversees the curation of offerings from across the diverse regions of China.

Drop by at Yi Jing for a feast for taste buds as well as eyes……

Till 30th July | TDH Menu
Dinner Wednesday to Monday and Lunch Saturday and Sunday
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