Zariin Elevates the Jewelry Shopping Experience with its Flagship Store in DhanMill, Delhi

Zariin JewelleryDelhi, October 10, 2023: Zariin Jewelry, synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and timeless designs, proudly unveiled its flagship store in DhanMill, marking a momentous milestone in the brand’s 13-year journey.

Founded in 2010 by sisters Mamta and Vidhi Gupta, Zariin has been dedicated to the artistry of crafting artisanal everyday jewelry. This new chapter in the brand’s legacy signifies its unwavering commitment to spreading joy through self-expression. The flagship store is a testament to Zariin’s evolution from an online presence to a true omni-channel brand.

The grand opening of the Zariin flagship store is an ode to the brand’s mission to adorn individuals with jewelry that feels like a second skin, an expression of individuality and character. Ms. Mamta Gupta, Co-Founder beautifully articulates this vision: “Zariin’s flagship store furthers the pursuit of our brand’s mission: to spread joy through our jewelry, that is sure to grace you like a second skin.”

The store is set to redefine the jewelry shopping experience by introducing a healing counter, a first-of-its-kind in the jewelry industry. Ms. Vidhi Gupta, Co-Founder expressed her excitement: “This is the space that Zariin has pioneered and is committed to growing further into the spiritual realm of jewelry with meaning.”

Over the past 13 years, Zariin Jewelry has achieved global acclaim, retailing in over 200 stores across 21 countries, including renowned establishments like Saks 5th Avenue, Anthropologie, Free People, and Hankyu Department Store Japan. The flagship store represents a significant step forward for the brand, bringing its unmatched offerings closer to its loyal patrons.

Innovation is at the core of Zariin’s DNA, and the brand is set to introduce live video shopping experiences from its store in the upcoming festive season, offering a unique physical experience that combines the tactile beauty of Zariin’s jewelry with the convenience of online shopping.

The store’s design and architecture reflect the brand’s philosophy of blending the East and West, creating a unique juxtaposition that mirrors Zariin’s timeless designs.

Inspiration for Store Architecture and Design

Zariin’s store facade borrows its design elements from the core design approach of our jewelry, one that celebrates the union of East and West, rooted in Indian craftsmanship, for the global woman.

Ms. Mamta Gupta, on the inspiration for store design, “We went back in history to look over millennia of Hindu, Islamic, and vernacular inventions and to seek out common themes which can be blended well with the modern minimal interiors. Thus the concept of a congruous arched display window in the façade surfaced as our compelling theme. This can be correlated to the old monuments which have repeating themes. The store interiors complement and softly serenade with the narrative of the facade. The walls are pristine white, providing a clean canvas for our creations to express themselves. Amidst this simplicity, a graceful tree stands, its branches and foliage extending through the ceiling into the sky”. In the words of Ms. Vidhi Gupta, “ It’s like the store came to life around the tree, and its personality became one with the tree- organic and real. Arch-shaped niches carved into the walls in one of the corners, create subtle alcoves that cradle our best sellers… music playlists are those curated personally by the team, Mamta, and me.”