Allen’s 30 students in top-100 ranks in NEET

Bangalore: ALLEN students have proved their excellence in the results of the country’s biggest medical entrance exam, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG)-2023. Five students of ALLEN have made it to the top 20 AIR Ranks of NEET UG 2023.

Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari, Chairman, ALLEN Career Institute Pvt Ltd said that ALLEN’s Parth Khandelwal has secured All India Rank-10 by scoring 715 marks. With this, Parth has topped Rajasthan. Shashank Kumar got All India Rank 14 by scoring 715 marks and has topped Bihar State. Shubham Bansal has secured AIR-16 and topped Uttar Pradesh by scoring 715 marks. Arnab Pati has secured All India Rank-19 with 715 marks and Shashank Sinha has secured All India Rank-20 by obtaining 712 marks. In this way, 5 students of ALLEN have secured ranks in the Top-20 ranks at the All India level. Along with this, 17 students have secured a place in the top 50. There are 30 students in the top 100 from ALLEN. All these students have a score of 705 or above.

The result celebration was done after the result was released on Wednesday. The toppers from ALLEN Campus at Landmark and ALLEN Satyarth Campus at Jawahar Nagar reached among the students and celebrated their success. During this, Allen Faculties also stayed together. When the toppers shared their experiences with the students, the students applauded their success.


A good company leads to good outcomes: Parth Khandelwal
NEET – AIR -10
Institute – Allen Career Institute
Father – Sudhir Khandelwal, Businessman (Dry Fruits), Jaipur
Mother – Ritu Khandelwal, Homemaker
10th Class – 95.6 per cent
12th Class – 90.6 per cent
Parth Khandelwal, a classroom student of Allen for the past 3 years, has obtained a score of 715 in NEET and achieved an All India Rank 10. Parth believes that everything will be good for you if you have good company. I have found good friends, faculties, and a supportive family at Allen. My elder sister, Jhanvi Khandelwal, inspires me as she was also an Allen student and is currently pursuing MBBS from SMS Jaipur.
Parth mentioned that hard work and consistency are the keys to success. I used to go to Allen at 10 in the morning and stay there until 10 at night. I received excellent support from the faculties there. I don’t study according to a fixed schedule. Whenever I had not spent enough time on a particular topic, I would start studying it.
Talking to friends refreshes me; sometimes, we discuss subjects, and sometimes we have fun and laughter, which recharges me. I am an NTSE scholar with an overall rank of 33 in Stage-1. I secured Rank 1 in STSE. Biology is my strong subject, which is why I decided to appear for NEET.
I get motivated by my failures. There was one exam where my percentage was low. After scoring the lowest, I made a resolution to work even harder, and since then, I never let my score go down. I aspire to pursue MBBS from AIIMS, Delhi, specialising in neurology or cardiology.


Self-control is the greatest strength: Shashank Kumar
NEET – AIR- 14
Institute – Allen Career Institute
Father – Uday Kumar, Regional Manager, Ubicure Pharmaceuticals.
Mother – Vandana Kumari, Lecturer at Government College
10th class – 99 per cent
12th class – 96.4 per cent
Shashank Kumar, a student of Allen’s classroom, has achieved an All India Rank 14 in NEET. Shashank, belonging to a family originally from the Nawada district of Bihar, believes that his greatest strength is self-control. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of smartphones increased, and I didn’t even realize that I started using it excessively, which wasted my time. When I did self-analysis, I started weekly report analysis. Since then, I only use it for one hour. I follow the guidance of my parents and Allen faculties. Their advice gives me magical results. Whenever I am troubled or in a dilemma, I talk to my mom and dad and follow what they say. Which indeed gets me good results. I practice pranayama for about 45 minutes every day. It makes me feel relaxed. I scored 99 per cent in the 10th class ICSE Board and 96.4 per cent in 12th class CBSE Board. Now I want to pursue MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi, and then I want to go into surgery. I always see myself as a surgeon, which is why I want to go into cardiology or neurology. My father, Uday Kumar, is a regional manager in Ubicure Pharmaceuticals. My mother, Vandana Kumari, is a lecturer at a government college. I am an NTSE scholar.

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I am inspired by MS Dhoni and make decisions while staying cool: Arnab Pati.

Institute- Allen Career Institute Pvt Ltd

Father- Chanchal Kumar Pati, Mechanical Engineer
Mother- Rumpa Pati, Nursing Hospital, West Bengal
10th Class- 99.5%
12th Class- 98%
Arnab Pati, a classroom student of Allen Career Institute, has achieved an All India Rank 19 in NEET. Arnab mentioned that his father is an engineer, and his grandfather was a school teacher in Balurghat village, West Bengal. They inspired me to become a doctor, so I chose Biology.
Along with that, I am also inspired by Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. I like his way of handling pressure and making decisions while staying cool. I also try to make decisions like him. I want to pursue MBBS from AIIMS Delhi and become a successful cardiologist.
I meditate to keep myself refreshed. It enhances my focus. Until we study peacefully, we cannot achieve concentration. Along with hard work, discipline and regularity are essential for success. I wake up at 5:30 am, attend coaching, do revision from 2 pm to 5 pm and self-study from 5:45 pm to 10:15 pm.
Along with NEET, I appeared for JEE-Main for self-analysis and to strengthen my knowledge in Physics and Chemistry, where I scored 99.94 percentile. I scored 99.5 per cent in the 10th and 98 per cent in the 12th Class. I secured the top rank in NTSE stage 1 in West Bengal and achieved an All-India Rank 78 in KVPY. My family is originally from West Bengal, where my father, Chanchal Kumar Pati, is a mechanical engineer, and my mother, Rumpa Pati, works in nursing services.


Want to go into neurosurgery: Surya Pratap Mishra

NEET – AIR – 35

Institute – ALLEN Career Institute

Father- Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Mishra, Paediatrician, Government Hospital, Angul, Odisha

Mother- Sangeeta Mishra, Homemaker

10th – 99.6 percent

12th – 97.4 percent

Suryapratap Mishra, a class room student of ALLEN for last 4 years, has secured AIR-35 in NEET. Inspired by his father Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Mishra, Surya told that he is a paediatrician in Government Hospital. His hardworking and way of treating patients is very nice. I am interested in surgery. There are many relatives who are in surgery, and I feel very happy to hear their experiences, so I also want to go into neurosurgery. Studying with concentration and staying focused only takes you closer to success. Even while studying at home, I study in a quiet environment in my room. Apart from coaching, I do self-study for 8 hours daily. Allen Faculties have been very supportive. I usually study Physics in the morning, Biology at night, and

Chemistry in the day. The study pattern is different because all the notes for studying Physics are kept separately in a single copy. At the same time, the topics are underlined for fast revision of biology. During study breaks, I talk to my younger brother, play badminton and chess. I watch motivational videos or videos of topics on the YouTube. Likes South Indian hero Prabhas, and his Baahubali movie very much. I am an NTSE scholar. I want to do MBBS from AIIMS Delhi.

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Consistency is a success: Jatin Saharan

NEET – AIR -43

Institute – ALLEN Career Institute

Father- Advocate Ajay Saharan, in Sadulpur Churu

Mother- Kusum Devi, Housewife

10th – 96 percent

12th – 87 percent

Jatin Saharan, a class room student of ALLEN for the last 2 years, has secured All India Rank 43 by scoring 710 marks. Jatin told me that I do self-study for about 8 hours daily. During this time, when it seems that more time has passed, I used to leave the book and then used to watch videos on YouTube, but these videos were also of the subject only. I sometimes used to play with the ball. Father inspires me. Their faith in me motivates me to study more. Grandfather wanted father to become a doctor, he became an advocate, so now father told me to fulfil grandfather’s dream. If this dream is coming true then it is also a good feeling. Cricketer like MS Dhoni manages the situation while remaining cool. I have also learned that one should not panic under any circumstances. To me, consistency is success. To do any work or to achieve success, it is necessary to study regularly. Another circumstance prompted me to read more. Practical exams in the 12th board exam were underway in which I took more time to solve a question, and then the teacher interrupted and taunted me as to how crack NEET like this. After that I worked harder in Physics. Now I want to do MBBS from AIIMS Delhi.

Preparing by being relaxed is more beneficial: Puru Khandelwal

NEET – AIR – 58

Institute – ALLEN Career Institute

Father- Dr. Hari Om Rawat, Paediatrician Jaipur

Mother- Dr.Nivedita Khandelwal, Gynaecologist

10th – 95.4 CBSE Board

12th – 94.6 CBSE Board

Puru Khandelwal, a four year classroom coaching student of ALLEN has secured All India Rank… by scoring 710 marks. Puru believes that if one studies in relaxed manner without taking any tension then everything can be understood very easily. This also becomes the reason for success. My problem solving approach is different, I make strategy well. When I started preparing for NEET, there was a problem in Inorganic Chemistry, so I prepared notes again according to myself and did it in such a way that now I just have to turn the pages to recall. I like football and cricket. Lionel Messi and Virat Kohli are my favourite players. I spend time with friends, family, and conversation with friends gives me energy. Whenever I feel like studying too much, I spend time with my family to stay relaxed. Now further I want to do MBBS from AIIMS Delhi and want to go towards neurology. There was an inclination towards maths in tenth, but I liked a career in medicine, so I prepared for NEET. Whether it is to clear the weak points or revision, I follow the faculties. Father Dr. Hari Om Rawat is a Paediatrician and mother Dr. Nivedita Khandelwal is a Gynaecologist.