Apollo Medical College, hosts White Coat Ceremony to welcome the Class of 2023 students

Apollo Medical College

Hyderabad, October 5th, 2023: Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (AIMSR), Hyderabad; hosted the White Coat Ceremony, for the Class of 2023 students, at the RNR Auditorium, Jubilee Hills, today. Chief Guest Dr. P C Rath, Visiting Faculty – Interventional Cardiology, University of Rouen, France, and Sr. Consultant & HOD of Cardiology Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad; presented the White Coats to students on the occasion. Dr Manohar, Director, Post Graduate Medical Education, AIMSR; Dr Surender Reddy, Principal, AIMSR and Ms Aparna Reddy, COO, AIMSR; along with the faculty from the Institute and parents of students, were present at the momentous Ceremony.

Dr. P C Rath speaking on the occasion said, this white coat ceremony wasn’t there when I did my MBBS, it’s nice to have this ceremony as it provides dignity and responsibility to students, it brings parents and students closer to the profession, and faculty. The medical profession you choose is a lifelong pursuit of education, learning in this profession is continuous to update and keep pace with the latest developments. During this pursuit you need the support of your parents, to become a good doctor family’s backing and support are critical to the student. As a medical professional, you need to dedicate your life to the constant pursuit of knowledge and patient care. The dynamics of the medical profession and education keep changing, as newer technology and artificial intelligence bring about a paradigm shift in the profession. When COVID happened, we didn’t know how to treat patients, we re-learned how to treat patients. Every day is different, every patient is different, so there are a multitude of challenges and when we provide succor to patients in distress there is enormous satisfaction. The future is bright if you pursue this profession with passion. The white coat is the initiation of the students to the medical profession, this initiation comes with a lot of commitment and responsibility. Dedication to the profession, dedication to the patient, and dedication to ethics have to be constant and lifelong in this. You are a role model for the patient and the society, it is incumbent upon you to maintain the highest standard in all aspects. You not only need to work hard but should have compassion towards the patient. Apollo Medical College is today the premier and number one private medical college in the state and 70% of the students at the college are girls.

Dr. Manohar said, that in the next four years, the rigorous training with a new curriculum will ensure you become a thorough professional, with integrity, compassion you should inculcate the trait to innovate. To become a good doctor, you should imbibe certain qualities of patients’ interest being prime while showing empathy towards them. Having a strong foundation is critical to succeed in this profession.

Ms. Aparna Reddy said the white coat ceremony symbolises the entry of a medical professional in their journey to pursue this noble profession. It is the culmination of their dreams and of their parents. With the white coat, they commit themselves to providing compassionate care.

The White Coat Ceremony is a memorable occasion for the students as they take their first steps into the medical college, entering the noble medical profession. One hundred and fifty students of the 2023 batch of the Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, were welcomed into the medical fraternity by the faculty and were ceremonially “cloaked” with their white coats. The students dressed elegantly in white, later took the Hippocrates oath.