Atria InstituteBengaluru, 18 July 2023: The Atria Institute of Technology, based in Bengaluru, has recently achieved the prestigious A++ accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), a government organization responsible for evaluating and accrediting higher education institutions.

As an autonomous body headquartered in Bengaluru and funded by the University Grants Commission, the NAAC has awarded the institution a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.54.

Expressing her pride, Dr. Aishwarya P., the Principal of Atria Institute of Technology, stated, “Atria Institute of Technology has established itself as a leader in visionary education. The management, principal, and staff are dedicated to nurturing highly motivated and ambitious graduates. It brings us immense pleasure and satisfaction to implement Autonomy and NEP 2020, and receive the A++ grade in the NAAC revised cycle.”

Dr. Aishwarya acknowledged the instrumental role played by Chairman Shri C.S. Sunder Raju and Shri K. Nagaraju, who are trustees of the institution, Kaushik Raju, the technical director of Atria Groups, and Dr. T N Sreenivasa, Registrar-Evaluation at VTU, who was the former Principal of Atria Institute of Technology. These individuals have been pillars of support and driving forces behind the positive changes in the institution. Thanking members of GC (Governing Council) and AAB (Academic Advisory Board)

Occupying a 17.5-acre campus in the city center, the institute currently enrolls 2,526 students and employs 152 faculty members. It has emerged as one of the top technical institutions, and the NAAC accreditation further reinforces this fact. This accreditation is a significant step towards the institute attaining autonomy and eventually obtaining the status of a “deemed to be university.”

The NAAC accreditation holds substantial benefits for both students and the institution. Achieving an A++ grade is a remarkable accomplishment for any college or university as it directly influences students’ growth and development. This grading system distinguishes the best institutions from average or lower-grade ones, enabling students to choose an institution with high-quality infrastructure, resources, amenities, faculty, teaching, and research opportunities.

Moreover, this accreditation opens doors for students to access better global education opportunities. It also enables faculty members to pursue research proposals and seek research funding.

Institutions with an A++ grade, like Atria Institute of Technology, boast excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art amenities. They possess advanced technologies and resources that foster students’ skills and talents, ultimately preparing them for a brighter future.

While academic excellence is paramount, the overall development of students relies on their engagement in extracurricular activities. NAAC evaluates institutions based on their creativity and innovative practices. A++ grade institutions diligently implement these practices and ensure students’ active participation in events, programs, workshops, and seminars, according to Dr Aishwarya.

This time, the revised criteria for assessment and accreditation posed a significant challenge as it encompassed not only the academic and administrative aspects but also emerging issues. Each criterion had multiple dimensions, requiring adherence to specific key indicators under each category.

Meeting these rigorous standards was no easy feat. Atria Institute of Technology earned the NAAC A++ accreditation based on its performance across seven assessment criteria. This accomplishment places Atria Institute in the top-tier category as the Best and Top Institute with an A++ grade.

By Sujata