Digitization of Classrooms to Be Taken Up as the Highest Priority by Andhra Pradesh Government


Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, November 4, 2022: In what seems to be a misleading report in a local newspaper about the distribution of academic books for the second semester, the officials from the education department have denied and gave clarification to the Chief Minister that the second semester will begin in December, and they are right on schedule to be distributed the books on time. To this, the CM also responded by stating that the newspapers are propagating such false news to create confusion and hatred towards the govt. CM said that due to such propaganda, children and parents should not be the ones suffering.

With the aim to continue improving the state’s education system holistically, the Andhra Pradesh government is leaving no stone unturned to not only revamp the institutions through infrastructure but giving equal importance to other aspects such as new teaching-learning methods, nutrition, etc. The government now shifts focus on giving the highest priority to transforming every school with digital classrooms. Taken under phases wise, the digital method is being worked through the setting up of Smart TVs and Interactive flat panels (IFP). The CM reiterated that schools required a digital mode of communication to strengthen the method of teaching and learning in all schools. Speaking further on the importance of why the government has taken up Nadu-Nedu, CM said, “We must be sincere in the works taken up and ensure to protect it well. Be it infrastructure, teaching-learning methods, and now complete digitization of the classrooms, holistically transforming the educational structure”. The government is also making all the efforts to change the dimension of child learning by ensuring to allot subject teachers from class 3 to 10, limiting one teacher to 20 students.