EuroKids Celebrate Independence Day Across its Centres with 3350+ Young Patriots Nationwide

EuroKidsMumbai, August 16, 2023 – EuroKids, India’s most trusted preschool network, ignited the spark of patriotism and values in the hearts of young minds nationwide as they celebrated the 76th Independence Day. A spectacular display of fervor and learning unfolded across its centers, where over 3350+ jubilant toddlers from various regions commemorated this significant occasion at their respective centers.

To instill unwavering values and a deep-rooted pride in the upcoming generation, EuroKids orchestrated a grand celebration that resonated with the spirit of freedom. The centers buzzed with energy and excitement as the children participated in various engaging activities. From the majestic unfurling of the national flag to an endearing parade showcasing their unity, the young learners were immersed in India’s rich history. The day’s highlight was a captivating fancy dress competition, where these tiny tots transformed into gallant freedom fighters who paved the path to India’s liberation from colonial rule. The celebrations were a joyous occasion and a heartfelt effort to cultivate a profound understanding of the nation’s journey toward independence. Dressed in the attire of valiant freedom fighters, these young champions passionately recited historical lines, bringing alive the sacrifices and struggles that shaped the destiny of our great nation.

EuroKids has long been a pioneer in delivering high-quality early childhood education, boasting over two decades of expertise. The essence of this institution lies in nurturing holistic development among India’s future leaders. With a commitment to laying a strong foundation of values and respect for the country’s heritage, EuroKids ensures that every occasion is celebrated with utmost pride and enthusiasm. This celebration of Independence Day served as a poignant reminder of the brand’s dedication to shaping confident, curious, and compassionate individuals.

Commenting on the preschool network’s nationwide celebration of Independence Day, KVS Seshasai, CEO of Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning (EuroKids), said, “Witnessing our young prodigies immerse themselves in the spirit of Independence Day was truly heartening. Early education forms the bedrock of a child’s growth, making it imperative to instill values that resonate throughout their lives. The children’s fervor to learn about the sacrifices of our freedom fighters was truly inspiring. By commemorating this significant day with our little stars, we are not just educating them about history but instilling in them a deep love for our nation.”

Speaking on the success of the Independence Day celebration, Samidha Tandel, Centre Head, EuroKids Dombivli, Mumbai, said, “We are delighted to share that our Independence Day celebration was an immense success. The day brimmed with pride and patriotism as our young ones adorned costumes representing their favorite national heroes, marching with pride and enthusiasm. From Shivaji Maharaj to Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar to Gandhiji, the spirit of our nation’s heroes came alive through these little ones. Witnessing the children showcase their understanding and appreciation of our country’s history was truly heartwarming. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the parents for their extraordinary efforts in dressing up their children and making this celebration truly unforgettable.”

In addition to nurturing young minds for a promising future, EuroKids ardently believes in fostering unbreakable bonds between parents and children. The preschool’s emphasis on parent-child engagement creates a shared learning journey, allowing families to weave precious memories that last a lifetime.