ForeignAdmits Launches One-touch Application for education loans

ForeignAdmits India, July 2023: Global study abroad platform, ForeignAdmits, is pleased to announce the launch of the innovative One-touch Application for education loans, a free white-label solution designed to simplify and streamline the study abroad experience for both students and their counselors.

This ground-breaking tool represents a seismic shift in the way students apply for education loans, offering the convenience and efficiency of applying to multiple banks with just a single click. Best of all, it’s freely available to study abroad counsellors, providing them with a distinctive advantage in offering value-added services to their students.

“Our aim with the One-touch Application is to reimagine the way education loans are secured for studying abroad,” said Mr. Ashwini Jain, Co-founder & CEO of ForeignAdmits. “Not only does it simplify the process for students, but it also empowers our partners by providing them with a top-notch tool they can integrate into their own service offerings, free of charge.”

The One-touch Application is a white-label solution, allowing study abroad counselors to brand the tool as their own, providing added value to their services and enhancing their relationship with students. With just a single application, students can apply for education loans from multiple banks. The tool intelligently matches student profiles with suitable banks based on their criteria and preferences. Moreover, it ensures data security and privacy, encrypting and securely storing student information.

“This is more than a convenience—it’s about equipping our partners with the resources they need to help their students succeed. This tool is not just about securing loans, it’s about enabling dreams,” added Mr. Jain.

ForeignAdmits continues to elevate the standard in the global education space. The launch of the One-touch Application marks a pivotal step in making studying abroad more accessible and stress-free.